Cellular Health Supplements with Rejuvenated

Feeling stressed? Take a deep breath in… and out. At Rejuvenated, we’ve got the perfect range of cellular health supplements to reduce your stress levels and combat stress-related cellular ageing.

Our Cellular Calm Complex contains a unique blend of nootropics, adaptogens and vitamins that is ideal for reliving nervous energy, balancing out mood lows and calming the mind and body, as well as preventing the ageing effects of stress. Feel grounded all day with our non-drowsy capsules, and take on the world!

Alternatively, our Regenerate capsules promotes youthful levels of NAD+ production, helping to keep your cells young, reduce fatigue and even maintain cognitive function.

Many of our cellular health supplements are vegan-friendly, using natural, active ingredients to boost your overall wellness.

Cellular Nutrition FAQs

Why is cellular health important?

Your cells are the building blocks of your body, and proper cellular nutrition is critical to ensuring that each cell in your body can carry out its purpose. Where you neglect your cells, you may lack energy, struggle to remain active and notice other accelerated signs of premature ageing.

Just like you provide your body with a healthy, nourishing diet (find delicious options with our recipes), so too should you provide your cells with the nutrition they need to function at an optimal level.

How do I keep my cells healthy?

We know, you’ve heard all of this before, but the best way to ensure you have healthy cells is – of course – to get lots of good-quality sleep, minimise your stress levels, exercise regularly and eat well.

In reality, we can’t always guarantee all of these things every day, which is where our cellular health supplements come in. Each Rejuvenated product is a unique blend of active ingredients that can help boost your body’s natural cellular health and repair.

What vitamins prevent cellular damage?

Through our experience and clinical research, some of the vitamins we use to promote cellular nutrition and health include nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) as well as vitamins B2, B5, B12 and D3. These are carefully combined with various antioxidants, herbs, enzymes and nootropics to create products with noticeable results.