Our top tips for beautiful skin at any age – in your 30’s


The thirties are a time for change in the skin as the growth hormone starts to slow down and collagen levels begin to decline. Skin takes longer to repair itself and hormone levels may be changing to cause more problems.

I’m delighted that many of our customers are in their late 20’s early 30’s, you’ve heard the mantra, ‘if only I knew then what I know now’. Well for me that is definitely true with skin and here are our top tips to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and take you through this decade.

Our skin cell turnover has now slowed down to around 45 days meaning we start to see fine lines and wrinkles appearing, pigmentation might be appearing, and sometimes Rosacea. The Collagen and elastin fibres become thinner meaning our skin starts to loose its elasticity. Fat cells also begin to shrink and the moisture from our skin begins to decline meaning a duller thinner looking skin.

1. Sun protection.

Sun does accelerate the ageing process so using a good quality SPF daily is a must it’s like putting on a protective jacket for the skin. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB and this can cause damage to the keratinocytes in the basal layer of the skin.  Look for some of the newer SPF’s that contains not only UVB and UVA protection but Infrared and Blue light protection

2. Pigmentation problems

Pregnancy can cause problems with pigmentation, known as melasma, this is further intensified with exposure to sun, so the first step is a good SPF.  Red light therapy is amazing for collagen renewal but green light treatment can reduce pigmentation formation by up to 60%. Be cautious about having IPL treatment for pigmentation, this is typically good for individual spots but for melasma it may cause deeper pigmentation to come to the surface.

3. Dehydration and fine lines

Vitamin A is a great addition to a night routine this will help to remove the build up of dead skin cells and allow the skin to look fresher. Vitamin C can be added into routines in a morning this is a great Antioxidant and helps to stimulate Collagen and brighten the skin. Hyaluronic acid  is a good investment as a serum and you will also find this wonder ingredient in 3 of our wonder supplements, Collagen Shots, H3O Hydration and H3O Night Repair.

4. Eat a healthy and varied diet, keep alcohol levels low and reduce sugars and processed foods. Have you registered on our site, if so look in your personal account and you will find e books with programs for great skin.

5. Supplements for the over 30’s

Supplements give a 360 degree approach for your skin health and wellbeing.

As Collagen levels are starting to diminish this is the perfect time to add Collagen Shots supplement, with 10,000 mg of collagen per serving you will soon see your skin becomes brighter and fresher. Starting now will protect your skin for the future.

H3O Night Repair includes some incredible ingredients including astaxanthin, which is a sea algae, pine bark and grape seed extract. These ingredients along with vitamins A,C,E and Zinc are all reputed to give natural sun protection factors from the inside out and assist with protection from free radicals.

H3O Hydration is a revolutionary drink which fills the body with all the minerals and ions needed for super cell hydration. Each drink also gives you a beauty-boosting dose of hyaluronic acid, keeping skin healthy and luminous. It also contains super nutrient, resveratrol to help protect your cells for the future. This drink energises and helps your brain to stay focussed on tasks throughout the day.

Skin Perfecting Complex helps to calm inflammation and irritations to soothe away acne, rosacea, eczema and hormonal skin.

However if you are pregnant you need to check with your health practitioner before you take these products.

6. Salon treatments

Regular skin treatments in salon are a great way of boosting skin, Chemical peels to freshen and brighten, Light therapy treat a variety of skin concerns and Micro Needling is good for improving skin texture and stimulating collagen.  Our salon stockists are skin specialists and can advise the best course of treatments, skincare and supplements.

7. Stress

Changing careers, family life and a number of other things can cause stress which may reveal itself in your skin. Try yoga or pilates to relax and take out a few minutes each day for some deep breathing.

Enjoy your 30’s, it is a time when you can protect and support your skin for future years. I’m now in my 60’s and using the tips above have found that my skin behaves better than it did in my 30’s.

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