Journalist Sarah Leach asks top MUA Sandra Cooke her skin secrets

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Ten years ago international Make Up Artist Sandra Cooke moved to London from Sydney, Australia, but before she knew it her typically clear skin had dramatically changed. She was in a new city with a harsh climate and riddled with pollution.

“I was prone to flair ups due to stress; whether it be environmental stress, diet and stomach related or emotional stress. My skin would get sore, red and have breakouts, none of which I suffered from when I was back in Sydney,” Cooke said.

Cooke has been working in London as a make up artist in fashion represented by The Wall Group. And as she turned up on sets for the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bizarre and even in front of model extraordinaire and fashion icon, Kate Moss, it would be hard not to feel self-conscious and concerned about her own beauty – skin.

Good skin is the basis of all make up. It’s absolutely imperative” Cooke said. “I struggled, it (bad skin) upset me a lot however I’ve had my skin under control for a very long time now with a good diet and a proper skincare regime.

“I was initially diagnosed with rosacea, was put on antibiotics, however that was later discovered to be wrong, I just had hyper sensitive skin” she said.

So while diet and skincare products helped, Cooke did her research to find that ultimate solution for her skin.

“I’ve always been acutely aware of how much your internal health shows up on your skin, and whilst topically using skincare I’ve been able to improve and look after my skin, since taking Rejuvenated my skin has become next level! I’m obsessed!”

Well that’s that! Let’s ask Sandra more about Rejuvenated, her experiences using the products, results and the products themselves!

Q: What have been the notable changes in your skin since using Rejuvenated?

My skin is stronger and more resilient. I no longer feel like my skin is burning up, sore or tight from withstanding the outside elements.

It is not as sensitive, it’s very clear, with very few wrinkles – I very often get asked for ID – even though I am mid-30s! My skin feels more resilient, less reactive, more hydrated and glowing even when I feel run-down, sick or had a bad diet.

Q: Tell us about the Rejuvenated Products – which ones do you use and/or can recommend?

All the products from Rejuvenated are brilliant. Their H30 night repair tablet I take at night with the Collagen Shots, which are a potent blend of antioxidants and hydration along with antioxidants, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C.

The hydration supplements are great – an electrolyte drink for the skin, and without any nasties! I take when I’m flying and travelling or when I’m sick. It’s also great for hangovers and I always give it to models first thing in the morning on shoots – I find especially during winter months, or if they have been flying a lot, the skin gets better during the day and starts to glow.

The other product I am a huge fan of is Aliol, which is the vegan Omega 3 from marine algae. This is great for overall cell health, brain function and for vision. I’ve also personally found that my skin – especially on my body is never dry even in winter months as long as I take Aliol.

Q: Is there an age when one should start taking collagen products?

Around of the age of 30, collagen production starts to decrease, so I would say a good time to start taking collagen would be in your late 20’s and early 30’s.

But with today’s lifestyle and all the stresses and toxins in diet, technology and our environment, which has been proven to have a negative effect on our skin and collagen renewal – I’d encourage men and women in their early 20’s to get into good habits with their skin including taking collagen shots.

Q: In your experience, when does one start seeing any results? Is it a matter of days, weeks or months?

Most people start seeing a difference within a week or two, and with more noticeable changes within a month.

Skin becomes more hydrated, brighter and clearer, fine lines and wrinkles become less prominent. Other results include fewer breakouts – especially hormonal breakouts – and also less reactive to stress.

Collagen isn’t just good for your skin, but also hair and nails – which should get stronger and grow quicker too. I also know of customers that have found relief for skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Q: You’ve recommended rejuvenated products to many professionals in your industry, is there anyone in particular that stands out to you, in which you are quite proud of, for helping improve their skin?

Everyone I’ve introduced to Rejuvenated has noticed a big difference in their skin and continues to use the products. In particular, though, one lady who had suffered from terrible adult acne for a very long time has noticed a huge difference to the clarity of her skin and now considers them an essential part of her skincare regime

Q: As an offset to falling in love with Rejuvenated, you’ve got to know its founder, Kathryn Danzey. Can you tell us about her?

Yes, I was introduced to Kathryn through a friend at Medico Beauty, and after getting to know each other, have become good friends.

Kathryn has been in the beauty industry for years, with a background in nutrition and extremely knowledgeable. She’s always studying and researching new ingredients and their benefits. I often ring her for advice on health issues to which she always has an answer. She is very passionate about her brand, well being, and also generous with her knowledge, time and products.

Q: Along with Collagen Shots, H30 Night Repair, H30 Hydration, from what I can see Kathryn also has a range of Protein Smoothies, a Re-set program and Protein Soup! 

Kathryn originally developed the protein smoothies as she found the therapists working in beauty often didn’t have time for lunch or proper food breaks, so she came up with the smoothies for this purpose.

I love the protein smoothies, especially the chocolate where I shake up with almond milk. They’re handy for me especially when I travel. I also have sachets of the protein soup in my kit for this reason too.

The reset tablets are great not only for weight loss but also to help stabilise blood sugar levels.