Why You Need Vegan Omega 3 Aliol® in Your Life

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Aliol® is a capsule to give you a powerful boost of vegan omega 3 oil from plant based algae.

Omega 3 is vital for every single cell in our body, however the problem is we can’t create it naturally. The  most potent form of omega 3 comes from fish oils and you have to eat a lot of oily fish to ensure you get enough or take it in capsule form. Which is fine, but fish oil capsules can give an unpleasant after taste and cause bad breath.

Previously there hasn’t been a plant source to compare.

Our NEW supplement Aliol is a powerhouse of plant based omega 3 combining DHA for heart and brain health with EPA for gorgeous skin and so much more.

Aliol is 100% plant-based and is derived from the algae that fish actually feed on, providing the perfect source for all, including those with a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Each precious capsule holds 180 mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and 90 mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) environmentally-friendly omega 3 fatty acid. DHA and EPA have different roles and actions within the body. Clinical research shows that DHA provides incredible health benefits for brain and heart health.

Brain tissue contains the highest concentration of DHA in the body, which indicates its value for maintaining cognitive health. EPA is particularly beneficial to reduce inflammation and supports skin conditions, asthma and allergies.

DHA influences how the brain develops and functions, it helps to determine brain structure and protects brain tissue from damage. DHA’s protective effects come from three distinct mechanisms:

  1. DHA protects brain tissue from inflammatory damage by supporting anti-inflammatory molecules and reducing pro-inflammatory molecules in brain cell membranes.
  2. DHA stimulates physical changes that help learning and memory. DHA promotes speed of signals and helps membranes to keep fluidity, key in memory processes.
  3. DHA promotes healing after injury to brain tissue. Immediately after such damage, cell membranes release DHA in massive amounts for conversion into compounds called protectins.

Hearty benefits of DHA

Studies link omega 3 to heart and blood pressure benefits, DHA specifically has a significant impact on decreasing triglycerides, increasing the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol and assisting with healthy blood pressure rates.

EPA is a powerful antioxidant, mopping up free radilcals within the body. Some doctors believe that although DHA stores in the brain EPA plays a very important part. EPA does get into the brain where it is rapidly oxidised, leading to the thoughts that it isn’t important for the brain. However, it is this powerful oxidisation that gives remarkable benefits and may play a part in long term brain health and that it might also be helpful in treating depression.

We need to consume DHA & EPA daily, taking Aliol means that you don’t have to eat oily fish every day.

Aliol comes in a pouch of 60 capsules

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