Is your age determined by your genes or can lifestyle keep you young?

Healthy Ageing

Why is it that some people age so well? There are the mums on a school run that just look immaculate in their joggers or shorts, their skin and hair glow as they bounce along. You might start to feel envious about the fact that they’ve been blessed with ‘oh so perfect’ genes. But is aging mostly genetic?

To be honest, luck can play a part in your 20’s and 30’s but this is the time that you are laying the foundation for your 40’s and beyond. The body that you have in your 50’s and 60’s is definitely a reflection of how you have looked after yourself in earlier life and not so much the genes that you were handed out.

But you can rejuvenate your body no matter what your age.

So if you have youth on your side, now is the time to invest for the future, but if middle age has already arrived for you, it really isn’t too late. There is nothing that you can do to change your chronological or birth age. There is however, much that you can do to change your biological age and it starts from the inside out. It isn’t possible to reverse time but no matter what your age is, you can become more youthful. Each decade presents new problems and solutions, which is why we have tailored skin care tips from those in their 30s to over 60s.

The rejuvenated beauty from within range isn’t just about great looking skin, the products are about nourishing your whole body. Skin is the last organ to show an improvement because when the body is depleted it will take nourishment to support other organs first and will work its way from the inside out to give you that gorgeous glow.

Our supplements are created with natural ingredients all carefully selected from premium sources and blended to work in synergy. Each nutrient is chosen for its ability to be recognised by the body for maximum absorption and to ensure that you benefit at a cellular level. Healthy cells work to create a healthy body, now and for the future.

Our founder, Kathryn, explains in this video how you can become more youthful.