How to ease into Veganuary with Rejuvenated’s plant-based range

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Each year many of us take up the vegan challenge for a meat free January. You might be fully committed or possibly trying a few days a week as an experiment.

Thankfully the supermarkets have a much wider range of vegan options including ready-made meals for when you’re on the run. It can be overwhelming knowing which vegan supplements you can take. Here’s how Rejuvenated can help to navigate your way through Veganuary with a range of supplements essential for vegans.

How can you increase your Protein intake during Veganuary?

One of the main concerns for vegans is getting enough protein in your diet, this is where Protein Smoothie can really give you the edge. With a massive 21g of organic pea protein per serving it’s a great option for breakfast or the perfect energising top up when you are in need of a boost later in the day.

Protein Smoothie contains medium chain triglycerides. These are healthy fats which are quickly used for energy and are not stored as fat unless you eat too many calories. Recent clinical evidence also associates them with heart health and supporting with cognitive health. Healthy fibre increases the nutritional benefits and make this drink perfect to blend with water or plant-based milk.

Will going vegan help you to shed pounds?

If you’re hoping to lose a few pounds and feel less sluggish by going vegan, then take a look at the Rejuvenated Re-set. The capsule has been created to help to support healthy metabolism, blood sugar levels and manage stress. One ingredient is chromium which works to improve our insulin function and to help maintain blood sugar levels. Gynostemma pentaphyllum is known as the herb of immortality; it is widely drunk as a tea in Southern China where the natives associate it with a long healthy life. Gynostemma has particular benefits as it has been linked to increasing energy as does chlorogenic acid, another energising star.

The Rejuvenated Re-set programme is built around the benefits of the capsule. The programme contains tips and a yummy, tasty 4 week meal plan plus step by step guidelines. Just sign into your personal account at rejuvenated.com to download now.

Is it possible to get the benefits of collagen as a vegan?

Skin Perfecting Complex is a ground-breaking plant based amino acid collagen booster. Collagen Shots is our best-selling product as customers have discovered the benefits gained from supplementing their diet with our unique combination of amino acid proteins. As collagen is only available from fish or animal sources it led us to research how we could give the same benefits to those who follow a vegan diet.

The answer was a combination of different plants to give us the exact ratio of amino acids required to match those in conventional collagen. The result was our patent pending ingredient Botani-col.

We added further ingredients to this product to calm and balance out skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and acne. Customers have been delighted with the results and benefits for glowing skin and also to calm irritated and angry skin.

I’m doing a dry January, what do you recommend I drink?

H3O Hydration can really help to get you energised and positively charged for the month ahead. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is one of the hardest things to do as you set out on your quest for better health. However, it isn’t just about drinking those 8 glasses of water, the important thing is to ensure that we have a healthy fluid balance in our cells. H3O Hydration contains ionic electrolytes, these electrolytes help to transfer water through the gut wall and on to the cells to create this healthy fluid balance. When cells are truly hydrated it triggers a multitude of reactions so that the body can regenerate and be in the best situation to protect itself and repair tissues.

Another little benefit is that when cells are hydrated, they release ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an energy carrying molecule.

Also, when we are fully hydrated, we find it much easier to be mentally alert, so this is the perfect tipple to have in the afternoon to avoid brain fog and keep us focussed and energised.

How adding this vegan supplement can help you to sleep more effectively

H3O Night Repair is a power-house capsule packed with ionic electrolytes minerals and potent antioxidants. It goes to work while you sleep helping to create a healthy fluid balance in cells and fight free radicals with the mighty combination of antioxidants. The combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help you to sleep more effectively.

Astaxanthin is often called the king of antioxidants, it is a unique sea algae with many times the antioxidant power of vitamin C, beta carotene, green tea, CoQ10 and lutein.

Astragalus, a powerful herb is believed to protect the telomerase, part of our DNA.

Night Repair also has two incredible anti-inflammatories, grape seed extract and pine bark. Both have an amazing ability to help protect cells from oxidative stress and to reduce inflammation.

Switch your fish oils for Aliol, our vegan omega 3

Aliol is a capsule which gives you a powerful boost of vegan omega 3 from plant-based algae. Omega 3 is required by every cell in our body; however, the body can’t create it naturally so it has to come through our diet.

Traditionally we have consumed fish oils as the best source of omega 3, however new discoveries have found that a certain algae that the fish feed on provides them with this high omega 3 source. Scientists have discovered a method to extract the precious oil from the algae to provide a plant-based equivalent.

Each capsule contains 180mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and 90 mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) environmentally-friendly omega 3 fatty acid. DHA and EPA have different roles and actions within the body. Clinical research shows that DHA provides incredible health benefits for brain and heart health, while EPA has skin and anti-inflammatory functions.

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