How taking Collagen Shots and H3O Hydration can help to boost the Re-set program

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The Rejuvenated Re-set program has been created to help us stay youthful and promote longevity. Break throughs in science have let to new understandings on what drives the ageing process. We are now beginning to see that changes in lifestyle can not only protect for the future but in some cases, they can actually help to reverse certain factors. The rejuvenated Re-set program can help you in your quest for a longer healthier life.

Of course, we are all getting older, but the body can age more slowly physiologically. It makes me smile when we get e mails from customers concerned that they are approaching their 30’s. If this is you, I promise you that you most certainly have time on your side.

And when I train future therapists in colleges, I tell them that they are in a position to determine their future health. It is never too late to start I’m 62 but have more energy and vitality thank I did in my 30’s. You can get these benefits too by following the Rejuvenated Re-set is a 4 week program.

Two products to can overlay the program are H3O Hydration and Collagen Shots. Together they combine to help to promote healthy cells, strong muscles and promote energy.

H3O Hydration Supplement is a powder formula which adds to water to make a delicious refreshing drink. It works to create a healthy fluid balance in cells and also contains a highly potent antioxidant, resveratrol. It’s a compound known as a polyphenol; they’re thought to work like antioxidants. Resveratrol is found in red grapes and it’s believed to activate the anti-ageing gene known as sirutin 1, this gene helps cells to live longer.

Resveratrol also helps to promote brain health and mental clarity; it is believed to help to reduce inflammation and lower heart disease. Resveratrol super charges H3O Hydration to promote more energy and vitality, it is the perfect drink to keep energy levels high and avoid brain fatigue. Discover more on resveratrol.

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How Collagen Shots can help to promote a strong healthy body.

Collagen Shots is our multi award winning hydrolysed marine collagen supplement. It’s world famous for promoting youthful skin but it does so much more than keep us looking young. As we start to age, we lose the amount of collagen in our body, not only in our skin but also in our joints, digestive system, muscles, ligaments etc. By adding Collagen Shots to your daily regime, you are supporting the whole skeletal and muscular system which is vital to delay the ageing process.

Did you know these key facts on collagen?

Another great benefit of supplementing with collagen is the fact that it supports digestive health. Modern lifestyles and certain foods lead to digestive imbalances. Collagen has been found to help regulate the secretion of gastric juices to aid digestion, studies have linked it to preventing overproduction of gastric juices to help to prevent digestive problems.

Collagen may help to restore calm for those suffering with leaky gut syndrome. Glutamine, one of the amino acids in collagen, helps to prevent inflammation in the gut wall.

These two products are excellent additions to your day and will give added benefits when you are following the Rejuvenated Re-set program.

Have you have tried the Re-set program, we’d love to hear about the benefits that you have seen.