How can you fix the problem of dehydrated skin?


Is your skin starting to look a little dehydrated this summer? Whether you’ve been abroad or stayed at home we’ve had changes in weather from hot and dry to autumnal and damp. It can certainly play havoc, most of us experience dry skin at some point in our lives and occasionally it can become inflamed and irritated.

Hydration is the mantra we hear from every skin specialist and there are a multitude of creams and potions to help to correct dryness. For us it’s a different tune and at Rejuvenated our mantra is:

‘True cellular hydration starts from within.’

If you feel your skin needs a boost then read on:

How can cellular hydration help the skin?

If you could correct dehydrated skin with just a cream, it would be easy but it isn’t the complete answer.

Drinking water is a good way to start but for many of us, high volumes of water can cause bloating and frequent visits to the toilet. When you consider skin is the last organ to benefit from water intake you can soon see why it might be difficult to achieve super plump skin through water alone.

This is where the Natural Moisture Factor comes in to play.

What does the Natural Moisture Factor do?

Within the superficial layer of the skin or Stratum Corneum is a unique collection of ‘naturally occurring humectants’.

These humectants are collectively known as the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and together they have the ability to attract and bind with water.

The Natural Moisture Factor does an incredible job of regulating skin hydration in the Stratum Corneum, together they fulfil 3 key functions:

• Reduce the forces that bind and harden keratin fibres to boost and maintain skin elasticity.

• Allow enzymes to break down dead skin cells and reveal fresher healthier skin through natural exfoliation.

• Protect the natural barrier function of skin.

This outer skin layer was always thought to be biologically dead. Essentially it is; but it has a dynamic structure where enzymes are active but require water to perform their functions.

A healthy Natural Moisture Factor provides this water by attracting it from the atmosphere; its absorption of water is so efficient that NMF virtually dissolves itself within the water drawn to the surface.

NMF is high in amino acids and minerals such as chlorides phosphates, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. All the key components needed to attract water from the atmosphere.

A further role, is the equilibrium of a healthy water balance into and out of the stratum corneum, preventing excessive water penetrating the skin.

How can Rejuvenated’s products help to stimulate a healthy NMF?

Collagen Shots by Rejuvenated are packed with the necessary free amino acids with our marine collagen having 19 amino acids and antioxidant acai berry with over 20 amino acids, making it an incredible base to boost your NMF.

Combine our hydration formulae, H3O Hydration and H3O Night Repair they both contain the necessary minerals in ionic form to enable them to bond with water, making them readily available for the body to absorb.

The minerals are hypotonic to facilitate speedy transfer of water across the stomach wall, into the blood stream and onto the cells for greater hydration.

All 3 products also contain potent antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid, considered to be the fountain of youth, it can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water and fills the spaces in between collagen fibres and elastin.

Collagen Shots and our Hydration products an amazing partnership operating from the inside out to keep you young and gorgeous.