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Cellular Calm Complex
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Content: 60 capsules

1 Pouch Pouches Delivered every month

Product number: REJ-4051

Award winning and Featured in the Times article; 'Face the Future - Beauty trends that will change everything.' 

Cellular Calm Complex contains a unique blend of nootropics, adaptogens and vitamins to restore a state of balance throughout the body, alleviating symptoms of physical and emotional stress, which in turn helps to reverse biological ageing at a cellular level.

Cellular Calm Complex helps to:

  • Reduce symptoms of mild anxiety
  • Calm the mind and body
  • Relieve nervous energy
  • Helps you to balance out mood lows and calm excessive anxiety
  • Calms digestive stress



  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola
  • Magnesium amino acid chelate
  • Ashwagandha



Natural ingredients

Gluten and dairy-free

Stress can put cells into an imbalanced state where they need more energy and antioxidants to help. It signals an alarm in the brain, disrupting the body’s normal balance. This acts as a trigger for the mitiochondria, the powerhouse in our cells to produce more energy to mediate our stress response. The by-product is mitochondrial oxidative stress and increased free radicals leading to a shortening of telomeres, the caps that protect our DNA. 

The ingredients in Cellular Calm Complex increase cellular energy while having an adaptogenic effect to reduce the impact of physical and emotional stress and bring harmony to neurological functioning. This unique blend combines to protect the telomeres.

'Since taking Cellular Calm Complex, I have seen a significant improvement in my anxiety levels. I've also been a lot less irritable.’ Rejuvenated Customer


Take 1 to 2 capsules daily with water

Who shouldn’t take this product

Don’t take this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding. If you are taking any medication or have any health concerns, please consult a doctor before use.