How to keep your blood sugar balanced

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Healthy blood sugar breakfasts

Did you know that some of the worst offenders for a spike in blood sugar are traditional breakfast foods. If you see a product advertised on television, then there is a good chance that it won’t give you a healthy start to the day. Highly refined cereals, breakfast bars, white bread, jams and spreads are top of the list.

The ‘healthy’ breakfast foods that are actually spiking blood sugar?

Many ideas we may have about what constitutes a healthy breakfast, have been created by some very clever marketing. For example, a processed cereal fortified with vitamins is most likely devoid of fibre and potentially ladened with salt and sugar. The processes of cooking, rolling, cutting, blending and puffing of grains in many cereals and breakfast bars reduces their nutritional content. Even the added vitamins are likely to be of poor quality and there is no evidence to show that they are absorbed by the digestive system.

Try these simple swaps for a more balanced start to the day.

Switch your cereal for porridge made with whole, steel cut oats but make sure you avoid the instant varieties. Add a scoop of protein powder or collagen to our porridge too, as protein helps to reduce blood sugar levels following a meal.

Instead of having a flat white or morning latté post meal, go continental with an espresso. The link between coffee and insulin-regulation has been firmly established. Scientists have found that drinking a cup of coffee after eating reduces blood sugar spikes. The key component in coffee is chlorogenic acid, it is anti-inflammatory, reduces glucose absorption and improves the way that our body uses insulin. Coffee also contains magnesium which has an effect on regulating blood sugar levels too.

Add low sugar spreads to wholemeal toast rather than sweet spreads. Nut butter and guacamole are quick and easy, alternatively mash kippers into a paste and spread for a tasty morning treat.

How Protein Smoothie can get you off to a good start

Protein Smoothie contains organic pea protein, inulin, medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s), glucomannan, green tea.

Pea protein is absorbed quickly to give a raise insulin in the blood leading to a reduction of blood sugar levels. It maintains a longer insulin release than other proteins to help to keep blood sugar levels balanced. The combination of other ingredients has been specifically selected to promote healthy blood sugar levels with the added benefit of keeping you satiated for longer.

If you have breakfast on-the-go, then mixing a quick pea protein drink will help to stabilise your blood sugar levels and keep you full for several hours.

Try adding your Protein Smoothie to porridge or Protein pancakes.

Take Re-set capsules with your Protein Smoothie. They contain a combination of herbs and active ingredients to help stabilise blood sugar levels, promote healthy fat loss and boost energy to support a leaner, firmer body.

Try these recipes to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance.