7 Reasons You Should Take A Resveratrol Supplement

7 reasons you should take a Resveratrol supplement

Resveratrol is just one of the incredible ingredients found in red wine. It was a total mystery as to why it held such amazing benefits but recently scientists have discovered that resveratrol stops inflammation by preventing the development of 2 inflammation triggers.

Resveratrol is a compound created by plants in response to injury, infection and fungal attack. It is incredibly potent with powerful antioxidant effects to support health at the cellular level. At Rejuvenated we use trans-resveratrol in H3O Hydration, it is the most highly-absorbable form. We believe the combination of resveratrol and electrolyte minerals to allow transfer of nutrients is an incredibly exciting formula.

Here are 7 reasons that you should be taking resveratrol

1.Brain flexibility

Resveratrol has been linked to improving brain flexibility or synaptic plasticity.

Resveratrol is known to activate the anti-ageing gene known as Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) which helps cells to live longer. SIRT1 promotes neuronal survival reducing neurodegeneration helping to promote brain health and longevity. It may even help with memory and cognitive health.

2. Resveratrol can improve mental sharpness

Studies have shown that taking resveratrol has shown that neurological blood flow is increased.

3. Lower risk of atherosclerotic disease

Resveratrol has long been considered to be effective in reducing the risk of atherosclerotic disease, a precursor to heart disease and stroke.

4. Increased bone density

Studies have shown that resveratrol may play a part in increased bone density, helping to protect from bone degenerative diseases.

5. Eye protection

Vision loss is a natural part of ageing, scientists have discovered that resveratrol may help to prevent abnormal growth of blood vessels. Combine your resveratrol supplement with omega 3, vitamin C & E and eat foods rich in beta carotenes.

6. Cancer protection

A recent study in France considered that eating foods rich in resveratrol helped in slowing down the production of cancerous cells and concluded that resveratrol could be an effective anti-cancer agent.

7. Resveratrol is a natural phytoestrogen

Research is ongoing to show if this wonder ingredient may help in the fight against breast cancer.

Get your daily dose of resveratrol in H3O Hydration.

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