Our Eco Journey

Our strategy to be more environmentally responsible is an ongoing journey. We are constantly appraising our ingredient sourcing, packaging, technology and delivery methods to ensure that we are an industry leader in sustainability.

Where We Started

At Rejuvenated we are passionate about reducing the impact that we make to the worlds environment.  This starts with how we locate our products, transport them and our final packaging.

Over the last 5 years our team have researched compostable options for foil packaging.  We have worked on the development of home compostable foils. Our other concern was the fact that we sent out plastic scoops in every pouch of Collagen Shots, H3O Hydration and Protein Smoothie.

Our product packaging was initially all plastic and we set a goal to be plastic free by the end of 2020. Unfortunately it has taken slightly longer as the demand for compostable foils were not suitable for some of our formulas. However technology is beginning to catch up and we are constantly working with manufacturers to seek the best options.

One thing that hadn’t occurred to us was that most inks are not compostable. The inks on our compostable packaging are now all compostable.

We have not achieved all that we hoped and our eco journey is ongoing. It’s essential that we commit to preserving our world for future generations.

The first and best collagen drink

Collagen Shots

Collagen Shots was the first pouch to be produced in compostable packaging. As it is our biggest selling product taking this action will dramatically reduced the amount of plastic that we use.

These foils will give our customers the ability to home compost within 15 weeks. They also contain enzymes which will speed up the process on landfill sites.

We realise that not everyone can compost and so we have created a recycle-able programme. Customers will be able to request  return envelopes to return empty packaging when they order.

Our next roll out

The next series of products to be available in compostable packaging includes H3O Night Repair in 30 servings and 7 servings, Immune Complex and Skin Perfecting Complex.

We had also ordered Re-set but the manufacturer had run out of the substrate to manufacture. This has been one of the frustrations that we have met along the way. As a result we have had to put Re-set and Regenerate into recyclable packaging.  Also the minimum order quantities required at the moment make some options unavailable to us.

The Rejuvenated Tin

Our anniversary tin was one of our first commitments to sustainability. Our plan was to be able to fill them with a compostable pouch and have refill pouches. Sadly the foils available tore and the concept failed.  However we have not stopped working on this idea and hope to be able to have a refillable pouch by the end of 2021.

Our ongoing commitment

Honesty continues to be at the heart of our brand. To ensure our sustainability journey continues on the right track, we have partnered with Provenance, a leading technology platform and consultancy for transparency.

The Provenance logo assures customers that we have provided evidence to support our claims. As it stands, we have received verifications for our new packaging and vegan status; but we are working to include further points in the near future.

Sustainable shipping

We are working with our delivery partners to offer the most sustainable delivery options.

One big step has been the opening of a warehouse in Europe.

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