Our Top Tips to Soothe Sensitive and Stressed Skin


Each day when you look in the mirror, your skin reveals an insight to your health and wellbeing. From digestive health, stress and so much more, it’s a good indication of what is actually happening below the surface. Stressed tired skin soon becomes sensitive but a combination of strategies can help to calm and nourish and restore your skin.

The changes in the season exasperate any underlying conditions. You may have noticed that your skin has become drier and more irritated as we head into autumn.

Skin provides a barrier between the inside of our body and our external environment. A healthy skin barrier means your skin is, even toned and smooth without inflammation or redness

Strengthening skin starts on the inside and a healthy microbiome is important for inner health and an outer glow. Now is a good time to establish a balanced diet with skin loving foods and try to stick to regular mealtimes. Think healthy fats, probiotics and antioxidant rich foods.

Here are the best foods to add into your daily diet

  • Omega 3 and natural oils in the form of oily fish, salmon, nuts, seeds and beans. These fats are nature’s own moisturisers and will help to calm inflammation.
  • Avocado healthy monounsaturated fats nourishing oil and b vitamins.
  • Eat foods with pre and probiotics daily – you can find probiotics in live yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and kombucha Prebiotics allow probiotics to go about their work more effectively. Include asparagus, bananas and garlic as these all contain inulin, a prebiotic.
  • Red onion is rich in quercetin which inhibits the release of histamines that cause reaction.
  • Tomatoes and peppers include quercetin to calm and lycopene also help to strengthens capillaries to reduce the problem of dilated blood vessels.
  • Berries are the perfect sweet treat as they are low in sugar and packed full of antioxidants.
  • Keep hydrated by sipping on water and herb teas.

Things to avoid sensitive skin

  • Alcohol, dilates capillaries, can cause flushing and even broken veins.
  • Spicy foods such as chilis can also cause flushing and capillaries to dilate. They excite the receptors in the skin that normally respond to heat.
  • Yeast and sugars ferment in the gut and can cause candida in the skin. A small amount of candida exists naturally on the skin but when this type of fungus starts to multiply it can cause a rash and rosacea. Avoid wine, beer, bread and gluten.
  • Dairy can cause break outs. When we digest the proteins in milk, they stimulate a hormone similar to insulin (IGF-1), the hormone is known to create break outs.

How Rejuvenated products can help sensitive skin.

Collagen Shots is a wonder product for stressed skin. It supports all connective tissue and açai reinforce the capillaries and the proteins, amino acids, work to strengthen the epidermal skin barrier and hold moisture in. It also contains hyaluronic acid , capable of holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water to plump and hydrate.

Immune complex contains pre and probiotics to create a healthy gut flora to promote a healthy complexion and turmeric helps to support sensitive skin.

Skin Perfecting Complex has a myriad of skin calming ingredients. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to soothe irritated skin with amazing results. Our customers find conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne and polluted skin are all greatly improved.

Cellular Calm Complex  contains a host of ingredients to calm and bring harmony to the mind and body to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.