Is Your Mask Causing Acne Break Outs? Read Our Tips for ‘Maskne’ Sufferers


It’s important for us to wear masks to protect ourselves – and others – from the dangers of COVID-19. However, you may have found that wearing a mask has created congestion and acne break outs. This new skin condition is making the headlines here are our tips for ‘Maskne’ sufferers

The combination of stress and wearing a mask is causing problems for many of us; even if we don’t usually experience break outs.

At Rejuvenated, we’ve had an increased number of customers asking how they can deal with a flare up of acne on their chin and jaw line. And our Rejuvenated clinicians have seen a high rise in enquiries for acne related problems.

Why can wearing a mask cause acne?

Wearing a mask creates friction on the skin which can irritate hair follicles. Exhalation creates a warm damp environment which is the ideal environment for bacterial organisms to thrive. If you’re back at the gym you may have notice that exercising exasperates the problem.

Top tips to beat maskne

  • If possible, wear a cotton mask to reduce the risk of inflammation
  • Wash reusable masks regularly at 60 degrees
  • Use a gentle cleanser twice daily to keep the skin clean
  • Avoid using harsh products to dry out the acne as this may cause eczema flare ups and break down the already delicate skin barrier.
  • Don’t use heavy occlusive creams and opt for water-based products and lighter serums
  • Avoid all perfumed products
  • Avoid oil-based foundation, try a mineral make up, BB or CC cream. These have a lighter coverage and are less likely to block the pores
  • Wait 15 minutes after applying creams, make up to avoid sticking to the mask
  • Eat a diet rich in vegetables and drink lots of water(1).
  • Try skin soothing supplements, Skin perfecting Complex contains pre and probiotics with skin calming botanicals

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