Is collagen good for psoriasis

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Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease causing crusty and flaky patches of skin and silver scales to appear most commonly on your scalp, elbows, lower back and knees; however, it can also appear on your torso, palms and face.

Affecting approximately 2% of the UK population, these patches can be sore and itchy, particularly during flare-ups. The impact of psoriasis isn’t just skin deep; many people who suffer from this condition also experience low self-esteem.

One in three people who have psoriasis can also develop psoriatic arthritis, symptoms of which include pain, tenderness or swollen joints and connective tissue[1] .

What triggers a psoriasis flare-up?

Many things can cause psoriasis to flare up, such as stress or skin injury, which can be caused by sunburns, scratches, bug bites, or even vaccinations. 

Conventional psoriasis treatments

According to the NHS, treatment for this condition is usually in the form of a topical cream. If this isn’t effective, ultraviolet light therapy would be the next line of treatment. However, the consequence of this is an increased risk of getting skin cancer. The treatment options following this are tablets, infusions, injections or a drip.

Alternative psoriasis treatments

However, many people prefer more natural ways of combating the physical aspects of psoriasis, many of which are covered in our blog post. At Rejuvenated, customers often ask if collagen supplements are good for psoriasis. The great news is that increasing your collagen levels can indeed reduce the physical symptoms of the condition.

Collagen for psoriasis

Collagen can support the management of the skin condition because it can reduce inflammation, protect your scalp and repair the lining of your gut:

Reduce inflammation

Collagen houses essential fatty acids that work to reduce inflammation. This is particularly useful because inflammation from the condition can also affect your organs and body tissues.

Our collagen shots contain amino acid proteins, which can help to reduce inflammation caused by psoriasis.

Protect your scalp

Collagen is a great way to maintain healthy, thick hair. That’s because collagen delivers nutrients through the follicles at the root of your hair. Therefore, if your psoriasis flare-ups are generally located in your scalp, you’ll have already increased your body’s collagen levels to respond and reduce any symptoms there.


Repair gut lining

If you believe that your flare-ups are food-related, collagen supplements will deliver the necessary nutrients to heal your gut lining and reduce the impact of psoriasis.

Rejuvenated have created a variety of natural, sustainable, gluten-free collagen supplements with the help of nutritional food production scientists.