How a collagen supplement can help to improve your hair

Collagen, Hair & Nails

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. We normally think of it as just being in our skin, but did you know that collagen is in every strand of hair. In fact, taking a collagen supplement can actually help to improve our hair and here are some evidence-based ways of how it can support hair growth.

Our body naturally produces collagen but as with most things’ collagen levels start to decline with age. From the age of 25 collagen levels diminish by up to 1.5% a year and this may gradually start to show in your hair.

Collagen contains amino acid proteins which are the building blocks for our hair.

We use amino acid proteins to make keratin, the key protein in hair formation. Some of these amino acids are found in collagen. In particular proline, the main component of keratin. By taking a collagen supplement you are increasing the amount of keratin available to promote healthy hair.

How do the amino acids in collagen help to improve hair growth?

Proline: essential for the production of keratin, the most important protein for hair.

Arginine: supports the strengthening of arteries to improve blood supply to follicles.

Methionine: supports the production of keratin.

Lysine: Supports the absorption of iron. Low iron levels contribute to hair loss.

Histadine: Improves the suppleness of the hair shaft.

Tyrosine: Essential for metabolism, and for adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands, all of which play a part in hair growth cycles.

Threonin: supports collagen and elastin formation

Collagen helps to promote healthy follicles to improve hair

Only a small amount of collagen is found in the outer layers of the hair shaft, but it plays a key role in maintaining the function of hair follicles. Studies indicate that the amount of collagen increases around new hair bulbs as they develop to support healthy new growth.

How collagen benefits the health of our scalp

The health of our scalp is very much determined by our diet and lifestyle. Foods rich in protein and a diet rich in nutrients from fruit and vegetables will help to promote overall skin health. Problems such as excessive hair shedding, thinning and a flaky itchy scalp can be caused by any element of a deficient diet. A collagen supplement can provide the necessary protein to support a healthy scalp and reduce skin irritations.

Does taking a collagen supplement make your hair grow more quickly?

Much as though there is no clinical evidence to back this up many of our customers do find that their hair grows more quickly.

Does Collagen Shots contain other ingredients to improve hair?

Yes, Collagen Shots contains Vitamin C, vitamin B3, B5, B6, copper and zinc which together help to support hair strength and pigment. As a supplement it helps to improve blood supply, cell renewal and the absorption of iron. Get Collagen shots >>

Is there a vegetarian collagen to support health hair growth?

Veggiecol is a vegetarian collagen supplement which has been clinically studied to show that it does help to improve hair growth. It contains keratin within its formula. Find out more here >>

How long does it take to see the benefits of taking a collagen supplement?

Many of our customers start to feel that the texture of their hair improves within a couple of weeks, but we always advise that you should allow three months to see the best benefits.