How you can take the stress out of Christmas


How many of us will already be starting to feel apprehensive about the festive season?

We don’t know about you but, for us, we are often burned out and hitting a brick wall half-way through December.

It’s little wonder that Christmas is one of the most exhausting times of the year. After all, we start with the rummaging through the attic, searching for the Christmas decorations and untangling the fairy lights, before writing out and sending 300 Christmas cards.

Then there’s the whirlwind of Christmas parties and get-togethers, before the last-minute dash for the perfect gifts. And let’s not forget the cooking an impressive dinner for 20 people.

By the time we creep into the New Year, it’s no wonder we’re often feeling overwhelmed and tired. Yet, with a few tips and tricks, you need not lose that festive sparkle.

Now, take a deep breath and exhale slowly…Here’s how to de-stress, unwind and step into Christmas with ease.


We like to start and end our days with a quick, guided meditation. This helps to clear brain fog and stop you feeling overwhelmed. Plus, we’ve found it helps us to sleep better, too! If you’re a newcomer to meditation, try the Headspace app for lots of guided meditations. If you’re suddenly feeling frazzled and ready to snap, it also helps to try diaphragmatic or deep breathing – there are plenty of handy guides online!


It might seem counter-intuitive to exercise when you’re feeling exhausted, yet it can actually help to keep you energised. Whether you fancy taking a brisk stroll in the park –fresh air will soon brush off the cobwebs or any stress – doing some HIIT, weight training, or trying your hand at calming Yoga, exercise is the perfect way to keep your mind free and focused. Just be sure to not overdo it when you feel stressed – your body doesn’t need the excess cortisol right now!

Nourish & Energise

It’s more important than ever to nourish the body from the inside, out, when you’re feeling tired. Try to avoid the tins of chocolates and Christmas treats (although, don’t deprive yourself – Christmas is the perfect time to embrace the 80/20 rule!) which will ultimately cause blood sugar crashes. Instead, stay energised by eating rainbows of fruit and veg, as well as plenty of lean protein, complex carbs such as sweet potatoes and brown rice, and healthy fats such as avocado.


However tricky it may seem, squeeze in 15-30 minutes of ‘you time’ every single day – this is a necessity, not a luxury! Whether you curl up on the sofa with a good book, take a bath or make a coffee date with a friend, try to do something that makes your soul happy.

Look After Your Skin

When we’re feeling stressed and tired, it often shows up on our skin. And, let’s face it, who wants pallid, Zombie-like skin as their Christmas party accessory? Avoid this by taking care of your skin – cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously (no falling into bed with full make-up!), eat nourishing foods and supplement with products designed to hydrate your skin from the cells, out. Our H30 Hydration and H30 Night Repair capsules are the perfect party accessories and will help your skin to stay looking fresh and glowing.

Limit Alcohol

Sorry to be such party poopers, but try to ease back on the alcohol. Wherever you can, avoid drinking in the day, and alternate any alcoholic drinks with a glass of water to help you avoid waking up feeling like a Zombie! It’s important, too, to drink plenty of water – we promise that your bodies and your skin will thank you for it.