How Does Brown Fat Burn Calories?

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Brown fat is finally getting its time in the sun as scientists are uncovering the health benefits of this fat hidden deep under our skin.

Unlike with white fat  (the kind many of us battle against daily), studies show that brown fat could be an ally in our efforts to stay fit and healthy.

How does brown fat work?

Brown fat, once activated, draws on mitochondria as energy to break down glucose and fat molecules to warm our bodies up. There are things we can do to activate the brown fat in our bodies, including eating certain foods and taking supplements that have ingredients that encourage activation.

How does brown fat burn calories?

Although mitochondria are the primary energy source used by brown fat, there is another that the cells draw energy from: white fat. Because white fat stores calories, when the cells are burned up by brown fat, so are the calories being stored.

How does brown fat help with weight loss?

While the full extent to which brown fat aids weight loss is still being researched, and there’s much more to be learned, there have been some incredible findings published already.

Evidently, the more white fat in our body, the more ‘body fat’ we have, as these tend to be the most present in our thighs, hips and midriff. Therefore, perhaps the most basic way brown fat aids healthy weight loss is how it burns white fat (and its calories) as a fuel source through a process called thermogenesis.

Additionally, research suggests that when the hormone Irisin is released through exercise, it can change white fat into brown fat, which burns calories rather than stores them. The study also suggests that the hormone suppresses new white fat formation.

Other research conducted in 2018 found that brown fat impacts hormone secretion from our gut that tells our brain that we’re full. This may help us control our food intake better, resulting in healthy weight loss.

Supplements to boost brown fat activation

While getting cold and exercising is a sure-fire way to activate the brown fat in our bodies, there are other ways to get the same results, including eating specific foods or absorbing certain plant extracts.

Many of our supplements contain such extracts. In addition to brown fat activation, you can also enjoy the following benefits when you take our supplements:

Most of our supplements can be purchased on a subscription basis. Alternatively, you can make a one-off purchase whenever you need.

Make 2022 the year you harness the power of brown fat for a healthy lifestyle.