7 top tips to avoid dehydration while flying

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Have you ever wondered how celebs manage to put down at a destination looking as though they’ve just walked out of the most amazing facial ever? This, in part, comes down to hydration and humidity levels. So how to avoid dehydration when flying on a plane?

Our top tips will have you arriving with a spring in your step and full of vitality. Discover the secrets to staying hydrated while flying and start this holiday with a zing!! But first…

Why are flights so dehydrating?

We usually feel at our best when humidity around us is 40-70% but in an aircraft cabin it falls to around 20%.

70% of body weight is water and 87% of that water is inside the cells, (intracellular). This is functional water. The ‘functional water’ is required for oxygen enrichment and maintaining the ph balance, it’s used for blood, digestive juices, sweat and tears. Even relative low levels of imbalance can lead to mild hypoxia (low levels of oxygen).

If hydration levels are low, pressure increases in blood vessels, you can see how important this is, particularly when you consider the risk of deep vein thrombosis. The body draws water from within cells in its attempts to reduce blood pressure, leaving cells more dehydrated.

How to avoid dehydration when flying

  1. Prepare ahead to hit the runway looking your best.
  2. If you’re flying long haul, pre-book your food to be salt free and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. If not, pack some snacks.
  3. Start to prepare for your journey the day before, drink plenty of water to hydrate, rather than turning up at the airport already dehydrated.
  4. Prepare by adding H3O Hydration to your drinks, to hydrate and energise. You’ll discover below just why this product is so incredible to take when flying.
  5. Plan to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing for comfort.
  6. Not always possible, but try to get an early (alcohol free) night before you travel. Take H3O Night Repair to help with the transfer of water into the cells, while you sleep.
  7. Avoid alcohol and diuretics such as coffee and tea.

Discover the amazing H3O Hydration

H3O Hydration has been created to drink daily to keep cells healthy and hydrated but when you are flying it really does provide so many added benefits.

We all know that it is essential to drink plenty of water, by adding H3O Hydration you increase hydration levels and maintain the electrolyte balance.

Electrolytes are certain essential minerals (i.e. calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, sodium ions). These essential minerals direct water and nutrients to the areas of the body where its needed most to maintain optimal fluid balance inside the cells and helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

Arrive hydrated and ready to enjoy your holidays with our Single serving H3O Hydration sachets. We also do a duo pack with H3O Night Repair for 24 hour hydration and H3O Hydration can be purchased in a pouch.