30 Days to Skin Confidence

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Is your skin looking dull and lack lustre then try our all-natural steps to get a healthy glow.

Take our 30 Days to Skin confidence challenge and be prepared to see your skin change over the month.  Just a word of warning, you might need to carry your ID card with you afterwards!!!

Day 1. Let’s get started by planning for the month ahead. Think about boosting your skin  from the inside out, our skin boosting supplements will nourish from within to give you a head start.  Collagen Shots is the perfect way to boost collagen levels and counteract winter dryness, most of our customers report improved skin tones within just 2 weeks. Also make sure you log in to your account on our web page rejuvenated.com to download our free ebooks, ‘Look Younger in 2 Weeks and ‘7 days to super skin’ If it fits in with your budget try the Ultimate Radiant Skin Collection, which gives you all of our 3 awards winning heroes in a beautiful gift box.

Day 2. Apply sunscreen this morning, and ever day going forward, whether it is rainy or shining outside, no matter what UVA rays are constantly present, these are the rays that cause ageing.

Day 3. Eat more nuts. Nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which lower inflammation, Brazil nuts are abundant in selenium which increases skin elasticity and almonds are high in vitamin E.

Day 4. Try a dairy free week, it might seem hard but even organic dairy contains bovine hormones which can stimulate overactive oil glands and aggravate skin.

Day 5. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! In a recent survey of beauty therapists on anti-ageing, the top tip was exfoliated, to reveal fresher younger skin.

Day 6. Get plenty of beauty sleep, lack of sleep causes lower circulation which can give you a dull complexion. Night time is when the cells are renewing so it’s a great tip to have your Collagen Shots before you go to bed, supplementing collagen levels to do their magic while you sleep.

Day 7. Wine therapy, the power of the grape is immense and gives the Mediterranean diet folklore status, rich in potent antioxidants, discover how this humble fruit can have great benefits

Day 8. Remove all traces of dirt and makeup before you go to bed, you might get away with it now and then but it will catch up with you long term if you don’t.

Day 9. Zinc is a skin care wonder and we have added it to both Collagen Shots and H3O Night Repair. Zinc assists with the formation of collagen and help to protect DNA. Foods rich in zinc are meat, shellfish, milk, bread and cereal products.

Day 10. Copper in the tiniest amounts also helps with the formation of collagen and healthy DNA, find it in nuts, grains, fruits and Collagen Shots and H3O Night Repair.

Day 11. Pop on our sunnies to protect against eye wrinkles particularly when driving.

Day 12. Water is great but have you ever noticed that the more you drink water, the more you just pee it straight back out. Try H3O Hydration, our formula designed to transfer water to where it matters, into the cells for true hydration – and a great boost if you have a hangover.

Day 13. Get more lycopene from tomatoes and watermelon, great boosts in protecting against sun damage.

Day 14. Vitamin C is a natural wonder, it helps with the formation of collagen and protects us from scurvy to sun damage. Your daily serving of Collagen Shots has 100mgs per day, the RDA for the UK but it is quite acceptable to have more as it is water soluble and you will just pee an extra out.

Day 15. Be berry savvy, blend an array of dark berries into a smoothie. Dark berries contain flavanols, potent antioxidants for the skin.

Day 16. Don’t pick and squeeze, the odd imperfections may tempt you to start fiddling but leave them to sort out on their own and you will improve much more quickly.

Day 17. Meditate, even if it is just for 4 deep breaths at a time to calm your space. Close your eyes and try breathing deeply in and out 4 times, it’s amazing how even these few moments will help to calm you.

Day 18. Stretch, there is nothing like yoga or pilates to stretch and get your body moving, gentle movement allows hydration in the connective tissues.

Day 19. Don’t eat pre-packed foods, they are typically much higher in salt and sugar. Sugar has been proven to harden and denature collagen, leaving skin looking dull and flat, find out more about the effect sugar has at What’s all the fuss about sugar.

Day 20. Avoid processed low-fat foods, natural fats such as coconut oil and avocado are packed with essential fatty acids, so important for good skin health. Read about low-fat choices.

Day 21. If you’re tired in the afternoon, try to close your eyes for just a few minutes and slip off into a nap. Churchill was a master of this, it does take some practice not to go into a deep slumber.

Day 22. Clean makeup brushes and throw away old makeup, keep fresh.

Day 23. Reduce eye bags with H3O Night Repair, a powerful antioxidant with electrolytes to help transmit water across cell membranes to become cellular water rather than extracellular water. Check out our award-winning product H3O Night Repair.

Day 24. Keep bath and shower water at tepid temperatures, excessive heat causes dehydration and can stimulate broken capillaries in fair skin.

Day 25. Pay a visit to your local beauty/aesthetic clinic and invest in good skin care, scrubbing with harsh soaps will leave your skin looking tired and pale. Check out our list of accredited stockists.

Day 26. Use grape seed oil in cooking and salads.

Day 27. Have an early morning boost with a green juice.

Day 28. Try a resurfacing mask or peel, check out the Benefit Peel by Cosmedix.

Day 29. Reduce alcohol consumption, even red wine will dehydrate your system.

Day 30. Give your face a gentle massage to increase blood circulation and get that glow.