Zinc Benefits

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Zinc plays an important part in digestion and the production of pancreatic enzymes to break down food. This enables the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and macronutrients. Zinc also plays a role in protecting against oxidative stress and contributes to normal DNA synthesis.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is an essential mineral that your body does not produce on its own. This important trace mineral is needed for a number of vital functions, so we have to consume it through plants, animals or supplements. As zinc is so important, it has also been artificially added to a number of grains, such as flour and cereals.

Zinc is needed as a cofactor for over 300 different enzymes. This means that zinc is crucial for an optimally functioning body.

Zinc supplement benefits

As zinc plays a role in so many different bodily functions, it can be challenging to express all of zinc’s many benefits. A major benefit of zinc is the effect it has on our health. Zinc supports the immune system, contributes to wound healing, stabilised blood sugar levels, and supports heart health. These are all very important aspects of our daily and long-term health.

Zinc also supports skin health. It has antioxidant properties, which protect the skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental factors. These same antioxidant properties can help the body to manage chronic diseases caused by oxidative stress, like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Research has also shown that zinc may have an effect on osteoporosis, neurological deficiencies, macular degeneration and acne. However, not enough research has been done on the effect of zinc on the body to claim these zinc benefits.

Should pregnant and breastfeeding women take Zinc supplements?

Yes, pregnant and lactating women need additional zinc for the healthy growth of their babies and should, ideally, consume zinc supplements. Zinc plays an important role in foetus and childhood development, and a deficiency in zinc can lead to impaired growth and development, as well as delayed sexual maturity.

What Rejuvenated products include Zinc?

Zinc is a very important essential nutrient. As such, we have incorporated zinc in various supplements in our award-winning product range. Our Collagen ShotsRegenerate NAD+ Re-Set SupplementImmune Complex, and Skin Perfecting Complex all benefit from the addition of zinc. These scientifically formulated health and beauty supplements are an excellent addition to any diet and support health in a multitude of ways.

As our capsules contain several ingredients, we don’t recommend that you take them while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.