Will Listing Calories on Alcohol Reduce Obesity? What You Need to Know

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How do you feel about the government policy of listing calories on alcohol to reduce obesity?

At last the government is taking steps to look at how food and drink have an impact on weight gain with bans on certain marketing. This is quite a breakthrough, but will they go far enough as food corporates pay huge amounts of tax.

So, will the number of calories on the bottle of wine that you’re buying for this evening make a difference?

And if it does, will you cut food calories out so that you can consume your daily intake in alcohol?

While we know not to go crazy and binge drink, many of us will have heard about how small amounts of alcohol (or, at least, certain kinds!) are good for us. Yet, while the odd glass of red wine can help to protect our heart; sorry to break this to you – alcohol definitely plays a part in weight gain!

Here’s why calories are not the only reason that alcohol is causing obesity.

The information that the government isn’t telling you is that it’s not just empty calories that are a problem.

What we see as a couple of ‘cheeky’ wines can actually overload the liver, meaning it can’t get on with the important job of processing fat.

Alcohol passes into the blood stream almost immediately, this causes blood sugar spikes, which is why we hit the biscuit tin when we drink and turn to carbs to ‘soak up’ the alcohol.

To make matters worse, alcohol stimulates the release of fat-storing hormones into the blood stream. It increases the amount of cortisol in our blood stream, the hormone released when our body is under stress and also causes the body to switch to fat storing. The area it favours most is our waistline, the most dangerous place to carry excess weight.

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