What if you could add ten healthy years to your life?

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When we look at communities that have more centurions than the rest of the world there are several key factors in the longevity of the residents of these areas. So what are the key factors in being able to add ten healthy years to your life. The featured image shows team Rejuvenated having fun at a cookery course in Italy, learning more about the Mediterranean way of life. The Mediterranean diet is constantly  recommended to promote health and wellbeing but there is more to longevity than diet alone. The National Geographic have  compiled a study of 5 particular locations that have been accredited with having the most centenarians:

  • Okinawa in Japan
  • Sardinia in Italy
  • Loma Linda in California
  • Nicoya in Costa Rica
  • Ikaria in Greece

These areas are known as the Blue Zones. The secret is that the residents in these regions are not sitting in retirement homes, they are out and about, taking part in sports, keeping active and playing a valued part in the community. These people are naturally living a high-quality of life being socially connected and having a purpose.

We talk about improving the health service of our country but rather than just looking at hospitals we should look at how we can help communities to be healthier.

The World Health Organization [WHO] showed that the Okinawans of Japan have the longest disability-free life expectancy in the world.

They have a fifth less heart disease, a quarter less breast and prostate cancer and a third less dementia than Americans.

However, a long healthy life doesn’t usually happen by chance. While good genes are an important factor, lifestyle is important. There are certain factors that these communities have in common.

How to integrate wellness into every day to add ten healthy years to your life

Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains

Incorporating plenty of fruits vegetables, nuts and grains in your diet can help to lower the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and other diseases associated with age.

Drink red wine

The powerful antioxidant Trans-resveratrol, naturally found in grapes, various berries and plants to help protect them against environmental stresses. It is found naturally in red wine, hence the belief that red wine can actually have a positive effect on health. Trans resveratrol activates cellular enzymes that help to protect us from ageing and age-related diseases.

However, bear in mind that the wine drunk in these regions is in moderate amounts and organic. You can enjoy its health promoting qualities by taking a supplement containing resveratrol, H3O Hydration and Regenerate formulas both include this super antioxidant.

Eat small portions

Eat enough to live but don’t live to eat. I have to admit that on our cookery day we didn’t stick to eating to live. However, reducing the number of calories, we eat can dramatically help to extend our life. Many long living communities practise periods of fasting. The same benefits appear to be gained from Intermittent fasting. The gentlest of ways to do an intermittent fast. You eat all of your daily calories within an 8-hour window and fast for the rest of the time. It’s quite easy to do and can be achieved by having a slightly later breakfast and eating an early dinner.

A calorie restrictive diet can be hard to stick to, but you can mimic its benefits by taking Regenerate daily. Regenerate contains trans-resveratrol and other youth boosting molecules to reduce inflammation and help to protect cells.

Put family and community first

Seniors who live next to loved ones tend to live longer and are well on their way to being able to add ten healthy years to their life.  Elders are valued for their wisdom in traditional communities. Having supportive relationships can add an average of 7 years on your life. Try to take the time to listen to a family member, friend or neighbour and make them feel valued. Our cookery day is one of my favourite memories and Mama Nora was so important to the day in sharing her knowledge and tips (I’m hoping Russ will find me as adorable when I get to this age).

Stay physical and mentally active

In the Western world we talk about retirement from our mid 60’s but in these long living regions they continue to work and have a valued place within community. Here’s how you make movement and health a natural part of your day.

  • Dance to your favourite song
  • Take the stairs
  • Walk to the local shops rather than driving
  • Do a spot of weeding in the garden
  • Call a friend and walk while you chat

Reduce stress levels

When we are stressed, our body goes into panic mode and activate the sympathetic nervous system to protect us. Our brain triggers the adrenal glands to produce hormones including cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones cause an increase in our pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fats, respiration sweating and pupil dilation and such stresses lead to long term illness.

Take time out in the day for peace and gratitude

Take time for self-reflection, traditionally communities have prayed or meditate. Even just 3 minutes a day can help you to become less stressed and sleep more soundly. Gratitude literally rewires your brain. Simple gratitude exercises, like keeping a journal or sharing daily wins with friends or family, can make you happier and more positive. These benefits are long-lasting, which leads to overall well being.

Make time for sleep

Sleep is essential to allow for the healing processes to take place , it also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. If you have problems drifting off try taking H3O Night Repair, it contains free-radical fighting ingredients with magnesium and calcium to help repair cells and encourage relaxation for a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy your friends, community and family, move naturally, take a nap, call a friend, drink warm tea and take 5 breaths.

Support longevity and health with Regenerate to reduce inflammation and protect cells.