Sandra Cooke, Celeb make up artist shares why she loves Collagen Shots

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Whether it’s at London Fashion Week or a Red Carpet premiere, Sandra Cooke is the make up artist on call.

Sandra’s work can be seen in every glossy magazine and her customer portfolio includes the likes of Kate Moss, Lily Allen and Carla Delevingne. Whether she is working from her base in London or travelling the globe to prepare clients for an event it’s essential that Sandra always looks her best.

We’re delighted that when shes asked about her about her glow, the first product she recommends is Collagen Shots. Here she shares why she loves them so much.

I’ve always been obsessed with skincare and was utilising a proper skincare regime from a very young age.

I grew up in Sydney, with the healthy outdoor lifestyle, with relatively few skin problems and clear glowing skin. The year I spent at make up collage did effect my skin but for the most part, I had very few problems.

However, when I moved to London over 10 years ago, my skin went crazy. Being diagnosed with rosecea, put on antibiotics only for it to flair up again once I stopped taking it, my skin really was an absolute mess. Through so much persistence, allergy testing, and lots of research, it became obvious that the stress of moving, along with change in diet & weather had really changed my skin. It took years to get my skin under control, but the main thing that became so clear was that the best way to treat your skin was from within.

Even though I managed to keep my skin looking relatively clear, through good products, treatments and healthy diet, my skin would still flair up from time to time, was still hypersensitive (often from being outdoors on shoots in the elements) and would flair up due to hormones and stress, and constant travel.

When I first discovered Rejuvenated I had started to hear how amazing collagen can be for your skin – it was great for anti ageing and strengthening the skin, so was very keen to start using it.

I started to take collagen shots and night repair tablets daily, and within a week or so noticed a change in my skin, it was definitely more hydrated, fine lines had disappeared and my skin looked brighter and clearer.

As I continued on, it wasn’t just the anti ageing/ brightening changes that I noticed. I no longer suffered hormonal breakouts, dietary breakouts (if I eat dairy my skin breaks out) travel didn’t seem to affect my skin, and the biggest change was somehow my skin was less sensitive. Often at the end of shoots out in locations, my skin would feel so tight and sore after being exposed to the elements, but this didn’t affect me anymore.

It was probably after I had been taking Rejuvenated for a month that I started to get a lot of compliments, and friends started asking me what my secret was. All my friends now take Rejuvenated collagen shots and are as obsessed as I am. I’ve always looked young for my age, but have definitely been asked for my ID way more now.

Collagen shots really have become an integral part of my nightly skin routine. I actually can’t imagine going to bed without taking them. It really helps to settle and soothe my skin and keep it glowing and beautiful.