Read Angela’s story behind her support for Women v Cancer

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There isn’t a single one of us that hasn’t had our heart broken by a loved one suffering cancer and Pink October is the perfect way for us to join together in the battle to eradicate this dreadful disease.

Angela Hunt and Traci have taken up the Women V Cancer challenge to cycle from London to Paris to raise funds for the charity.

We asked Angela to share with us why she chose this charity.

Cycling from London to Paris is no small feat. What inspired you to do it?

We love a challenge normally, but both of us have had a few things going on in our lives which have pushed us physically and emotionally to the limit and we are still here. As close friends we wanted to do something together, that would test us, but enable us to have a great adventure and raise money for a very worthy cause.

Why are you supporting this charity in particular?

Both of us have seen close friends and family go through Breast, cervical, or ovarian cancer and we feel thankful for our own health and that of those we love. We are making progress in early diagnosis and thus improved success with treatment of women’s cancers, but there’s more could be done. The three charities supported by Women V Cancer are fantastic.

How else can we support Woman v Cancer?

For those people who fancy a challenge, there are lots of activities available, which will lead to raising funds. Alternatively, donations can be made via various just giving sites including ours https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/angela-hunt6 or, by buying Rejuvenated products as they are very kindly donating 20% of the purchase price for products bought during Pink October.

What are your top tips to staying fit and healthy?

Exercise is not just great for the body but also for our minds. We were very sporty in our younger days and as we have got older and had our families, exercise, whilst important, took a back seat often. In committing to the cycle ride we had to commit to eating well, maintaining good hydration and training, whatever the weather. Fitness isn’t just about expending loads of energy though, it involves building core strength and maintaining flexibility by stretching regularly. Doing everything to your favourite music is great… it motivates you to do a bit more, even when your body is saying no.