Qualities of healthy skin


We all want to have healthy, beautiful skin, but what exactly does that mean? What does healthy skin look like? The truth is, it may look different for everyone, but there are a number of qualities that clearly indicate that your skin is healthy. And if your skin, which is the largest organ of the body, is healthy, then it's a good indication that the rest of your body will be too. Making your complexion an excellent indicator of your overall well being.

At Rejuvenated, we believe that everyone deserves to look, feel and be healthy, and we do our best to ensure that you are. So we have put together this guide on the qualities of healthy skin so that you can determine how yours is doing and have something to strive for. Keep reading to find out the common qualities of beautiful, healthy skin.

The 5 skin types

There are five skin types, and each has slightly different characteristics. It is important to keep in mind that one skin type may be healthy in a different way to another, and that not all skin should look the same. Here are the five skin type categories:

  • Normal skin type
  • Oily skin type
  • Combination skin type
  • Dry skin type
  • Sensitive skin type

The 4 common characteristics of beautiful skin

These four characteristics are clear indicators of healthy, good skin:

1.  Even skin tone

Generally, the first thing you notice when looking at your skin is your skin tone. There are multiple types of discolouration that may affect your skin, from sun spots to cells that produce irregular amounts of melanin. An even skin tone indicates a healthy complexion.

2.  Moisturised

Moisture is a very important characteristic of beautiful skin. Applying antioxidant-rich moisturisers and staying hydrated will slow down the development of fine lines and wrinkles, keeping you youthful for longer. Dryness is indicative of unhealthy skin, and should be addressed. If you have a dry skin type, pay particular attention to the moisturisers you use, as well as your hydration.

3.  Smooth and evenly textured

Smooth, soft skin is also a clear indicator of health. Skin that is free of textural problems and irregularities both looks and feels beautiful. Smooth, evenly textured skin will be free of pimples, acne, bumps and rough spots.

4.  Firm

As you age, your skin may become more loose and saggy. This is natural, but good skin health will slow down the process dramatically. Setting up a good skincare routine in your youth will aid the firmness of your skin down the line. Alternatively, our collagen shots are scientifically designed to reverse the signs of ageing, and our youth plan collection is the ideal combination of supplements to ensure that your skin is as healthy and beautiful as it can be.

Is your skin healthy?

Now that you know what healthy skin looks and feels like, do you think that your skin is as healthy as it can be? Of course, our lives are busy and it’s not always possible to do everything right. This is why supplements are so useful in the modern age. They provide us with everything we need for beautiful skin, without any of the hassle.

If you would like to know more about how you can improve your skin and overall health, contact us today. We love to make people look and feel beautiful.