My Rejuvenated Day with Samantha Hadadi

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As an all-too-often exhausted mum of three small boys, it’s important for me to look after and nourish my skin.

For me, this means taking care of my body, and supporting it from the inside, out. I have a pretty good diet that’s full of rainbows of veg and complex carbs, as well as lean proteins. However, when you don’t get much sleep because of mama duties, it’s not always enough!

Since I hit my 30s, the Rejuvenated products have become a huge part of my daily routine, and have completely transformed my skin. Even though I am getting less sleep than ever before, they miraculously blur fine lines and wrinkles, plump up my face and leave it with a soft, beautiful glow – although it has to be said, I still need my under-eye concealer!

My morning routine has changed lately (I quit caffeine after finding I was drinking too much – it also wreaked havoc with my hormones!) and now starts with a ten-minute meditation, before wandering downstairs to have a mug of warm water with one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. If I’m feeling brave, I even drink it neat! I then sip on H30 Hydration to help re-energise my body.

I’ll then do some exercise – perhaps some weight training, some Yoga, kickboxing, or HIIT.

I try to exercise most days since it really helps my mind, and I love the way I feel afterwards – like I could take on the world! However, I am kind to myself and let myself enjoy a rest day when I need it.

After this, I’ll get my boys up and ready for their day, preparing breakfasts, helping them to get dressed and then dropping them off at nursery, pre-school and school.

Breakfast: I often can’t stomach a big breakfast, so I will often refuel post-workout with a Chocolate Protein Smoothie. I like to limit my sugar intake, so I try to keep it as green as possible, adding in spinach, courgette and avocado, as well as some hormone-balancing ground flax, oats and sometimes ginger or a squeeze of lemon. If I want something sweeter, then I will add half a banana or some berries. This fills me up until lunchtime and keeps my brain focused and ready for a day of work.

Supplements: Aliol with breakfast.

Lunch: While it’s cool outside, I am all about homemade soups! I will usually make a huge batch of soup (my current favourite is beetroot and ginger) at the start of the week and enjoy them every day, often with freshly-baked sourdough. If I’ve not had time to prepare anything, then I’ll either have leftovers from the night before (such as Dhal), or a Protein Soup to keep me going.

During the summer, I love rainbow salads, adding in different ingredients according to what I have to hand – perhaps a delicious lemon dressing with some crispy chickpeas, or some salmon and lentils or quinoa.

Dinner: Again, this is veggie-based as I try to eat the rainbow as much as possible to get in all of those vitamins and minerals. Some of my favourites include tomato and cauliflower dhal with quinoa or brown rice (if I’m feeling in the mood, I’ll make some spelt flour chapatis, too!), bean chilli, or homemade bean burgers with sweet potato wedges and guacamole. It’s rare that I want a pudding but, if I do, I’ll whip up something homemade, or enjoy a few squares of dark chocolate (95% cacao solids or above).

Snacks:Most days, I don’t need to snack! However, if my tummy is rumbling, I’ll reach for a Protein Smoothie, or enjoy apple wedges or rice cakes with almond butter, or a homemade protein bar. I also love homemade hummus with veggies.

Night time:Collagen Shots and H3O Night Repair, and a spoonful of almond butter. Since my youngest boy is not the best sleeper, I do try to get an early night (in bed and reading for 9.30pm), but this doesn’t always happen! If my mind is feeling stressed or overloaded, I will do a short meditation to help me unwind.

What Are Your Favourite Indulgences?

I’m quite good 95% of the time! However, I do love a glass of red wine, as well as chocolate truffles and a slice of pizza.