Meet Gemma Armstrong, owner of The Skin Retreat

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We’d love to introduce you to Gemma Armstrong. Gemma was one of the first beauty specialists to stock the Rejuvenated product line and she has continued to be one of our finest brand ambassadors.

Gemma’s business has grown and thrived over the years as has her family. In the time that we’ve known her, she has become a mum to Phoebe and developed her business to include state of the art treatments.

We asked her to share her top beauty tips and secrets with us.

Was working in beauty a childhood dream or something you fell into?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, I went to college as soon as I left school to do my NVQ levels 2 & 3. I was lucky to get a job straight away in a very reputable salon where I worked for 5 years and received some wonderful training.

At 16 when leaving school I never expected that one day I would have my own business, I feel extremely lucky and very grateful that I’m doing a job I absolutely love with so many lovely, loyal clients. There’s no better feeling than helping people feel better about themselves.

Please share your beauty routine with us.

I cleanse my skin morning and night with Teoxane micellar cleansing lotion, I have dry skin so I always apply Dreamweaves HA serum underneath my Teoxane advance filler moisturiser.

I drink Rejuvenated Collagen Shots every night before bed and I take this with H30 Night Repair. These have made such a difference to my skin and couldn’t be without these now.

I also try to exfoliate once or twice a week and apply a face mask. I love Marie Reynolds new Dermabiome mask. It’s like magic! Really evens out my skin tone and leaves my skin so soft. I also try and do a skin treatment every 3/4 weeks.

Which skincare product is your must-have?

I’m really struggling to pick just one product as I have so many.

I love teoxane micellar cleansing lotion, it’s really quick and easy, leaves skin super clean but doesn’t strip your skin so leaves it hydrated and plump. I also love their advance filler moisturiser. I’m so fussy with moisturisers but this one is great for my skin, it helps to plump out my fine lines and wrinkles and gives my skin a lovely glow.

And your favourite treatment in the clinic?

One of my favourite treatments is dermaplaning. I love scraping off everyone’s dead skin and fluffy velous hair and collecting it all up to show the client at the end. It’s amazing what you can scrape off someone’s face. It’s a simple but very effective treatment, leaves skin so smooth and soft. I often combine it with a gentle peel, radio frequency or led opera mask depending on the client’s skin concerns to further enhance results.

What’s your beauty pet hate?

People who use skin wipes – they are so bad for your skin. I would rather sleep in my make up than use a face wipe.

As a multi-tasking clinic owner, partner and mum, how do you manage stress?

If I’m stressed I like to get out for a walk with my Springer spaniel Molly, I find writing things down/making lists help to clear my mind loads too. Also an early night! I can deal with things so much better when I’ve had 8 hours sleep.

Do you have a secret talent you’d like to share?

I can do some good card tricks 🙂

Our Rejuvenated Lifestyle is about a healthy approach to life. What is your #Rejuvenatedlifestyle tip

Drink lots and lots of water, try to get at least 8 hours sleep a night and also wear a good SPF.

But also to be kind to yourself, try not to stress over little things that in the long run don’t really matter, stress is really bad for your skin.