Medium Chain Triglycerides Benefits


Medium-chain triglycerides are healthy fats that can help to naturally boost your metabolism to promote healthy weight loss and improve energy levels.

Eating fat has had a bad reputation over the last decade, with even the government recommending that we should eat a low-fat diet. Supermarket shelves were packed with rows of low-fat foods, so how was it that, as a nation, we were climbing up the scales?

The tides have turned, and now the mantra is that fat is good for us and can even be our saviour in tipping the scales in the right direction.

So how can this be?

The truth is that we actually need fat to burn fat, and there is one group of fats that may contribute to us actually bursting with energy and shedding excess body fat.

What are medium-chain triglycerides?

Medium-chain fatty acids are becoming the new superfood hero. They are found naturally in coconut oil and palm oil and are so good for us that they have been linked to many health benefits.

All dietary fats are molecules made up of chains of carbon atoms. In a typical diet, the fats that we eat are long chains with 16 to 24 carbons. However, MCTs are shorter and range from 4 to 14 carbons.

One unique property of medium-chain fatty acids is that they are absorbed whole into the bloodstream and transported via the portal vein straight to the liver to be used for energy. Other types of fat have to be broken down by the intestines and then travel via the bloodstream before they can become a source of energy.

As medium-chain triglycerides foods are easier to digest, they are utilised quickly and not stored as fat unless you consume too many calories.

Are medium-chain triglycerides good for you?

Studies show that consuming MCTs is associated with fat loss when used within a healthy eating program. This may be partly a result of increased energy levels.

Recent clinical evidence supports the concept that medium-chain fatty acids may be beneficial for heart health, and they have also been associated with assisting cognitive health in memory-impaired adults.

Interest has also been created in the potential that medium-chain fatty acids could improve diabetes risk factors, including lowering cholesterol, blood triglycerides, blood sugar levels, weight (including waist circumference), and increased insulin sensitivity.

What Rejuvenated products contain medium-chain triglycerides?

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