How to keep those pounds off and enjoy your holidays?

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Two-thirds of us have we fought to shed a few pounds to feel great on holiday only to return with more excess baggage than that in your suitcase.

After doing all that work to get in shape we throw caution to the wind and a third of us will even ditch the diet as soon as we reach the airport.

A recent survey revealed that almost half of us eat and drink more when we are on holiday, I’m surprised that it isn’t more.

It’s a shame to lose all that hard work to get in shape, so here are our top tips to help you to return healthier fitter and more toned.

1. Try not to throw away all your good work, remind yourself how well you’ve done and how good you feel and look in your new clothes.

2. It can be difficult to find something nutritious in an airport lounge, try to pack a healthy snack for the journey. If not go for something like scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes rather than a full English breakfast.

3. Pack your trainers or comfy shoes and walk rather than driving everywhere, doing this on a beach or in the shallow waters of the sea will boost your work out. Or take a couple of yoga or pilates sessions to keep yourself moving.

4. Swimming in the pool or sea will burn off excess calories and give your body a full work out. If you have kids it’s the perfect time to help them to improve their swimming skills – Join in!!

5. All you can eat buffets make it far too easy to over eat, look at the whole table before you decide what to choose and only pay one visit. Make sure you select good quality protein and lots of vegetables and salads.

6. Eat like a Mediterranean, the diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, source out and eat in local restaurants but opt for grilled rather than fried food.

7. Think freshly caught fish and avoid chips substitute them with vegetables, salads.

8. If you’re eating Italian, skip the garlic bread and focaccia and go for arrabbiata and napoletana dishes with thin crusts or tomato sauces rather than creamed.

9. In Greece avoid taramasalata, moussaka and the sweet pastries.

10. What about booze? It’s the calorie downfall for most of us and any more than 3 glasses of wine will see you reaching for extra carbs. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and if you can wait until dinner for alcohol. If you cocktails are your tipple, go for a clear one rather than sweet syrupy ones.

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