How Lactobacillus bacteria is beneficial for us


Lactobacillus bulgaricus and lactobacillus acidophillus are beneficial bacteria. It’s a type of probiotic, known as ‘friendly’ bacteria and is found in the digestive tract. There are numerous bacteria in our gut and digestive system and the balance between healthy and bad bacteria has been associated with good health.

Bulgaria is known as the homeland of yogurt and it was a Russian scientist, Ilya Metchinkoff who linked the longevity of the Bulgarian people to eating yogurt. Hence the name bulgaricus. Metchinkoff realised that Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria was beneficial in boosting immunity and treating many health conditions.

How do we get good bacteria?

In recent years much work has been done to link the health of the gut flora or microbiome with our total wellbeing including mood and obesity. Bacteria live both inside and outside our body and as babies we are exposed to our first bacteria when we emerge into the world through our mothers’ birth canal. However, those of us born through a caesarean delivery don’t get the benefit of this first dose of bacteria and may be more susceptible to inflammatory conditions.

Our gut microbiome changes rapidly during the first two years of our life. Being breast fed can influence this positively whilst medications have a negative impact. Antibiotics reduce good bacteria to leave the space for bad bacteria to multiply.

It’s believed that taking a probiotic such as  strains of lactobacillus may help to improve this balance back towards a more positive balance.

9 How beneficial bacteria benefits for your health

Taking probiotics has been associated with improving certain health conditions:

  • high triglycerides, LDL levels, total cholesterol.
  • boosting immunity and fighting viruses.
  • decreasing leaky gut symptoms.
  • reducing diarrhoea & nausea.
  • improving dairy digestion.
  • reducing inflammatory conditions.
  • improving IBS symptoms.
  • decreasing leaky gut.
  • reducing inflammatory skin conditions.

Lactobacillus bulgaricus and acidophilus play a beneficial part in calming inflammation in the skin and may help with conditions such as rosacea, acne and eczema. Taking a supplement can help to control these conditions. Skin Perfecting Complex is rich in this probiotic along with other skin calming ingredients. Discover more here.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is in our immune complex, discover more here.