How can Rejuvenated Collagen Shots protect cellular health?


Over the last 30 years there has been a quiet revolution fighting disease.

Nutrition has become sexy and nourishment for health is fast becoming the science of the decade. The concept of staying young isn’t just about physical appearance, it’s also about having vitality and wellbeing.

At Rejuvenated our quest isn’t for the next quick fix or latest diet fad, it’s about providing products that will nourish you for long term benefits. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and we look at how Collagen Shots can to support cellular health.

What role do cells play?

Cells are the foundation of physical life, they are the bricks that all tissues and organs are made of. The health of our organs is dependent upon the health of the cells that make it up. It’s a total wonder that some estimates say our body has approximately 100 000 billion cells which all originate from a single cell, the fertilised egg cell.

Individually, cells are small; ten thousand can fit on the head of a pin. Yet if your cells were spread out like a galaxy of stars they would occupy a space in the heavens a thousand times larger than the Orion Galaxy. These cells are constantly communicating with each other and responding to signals that they receive from our out-worldly experiences. Of the many roles our cells play it is keeping our DNA safe from harm and constantly manifesting energy from the molecules and atoms within. Every day thousands of cells are replicated from old ones and all of this happening while we get on with our every day lives.

Why are amino acid peptides so important?

With today’s advanced technology we can examine cells in great detail and while the cells of different organs may vary in shape, size and characteristics they each contain similar components. As we look at each part of the cell you will see that the amino acid proteins of Collagen Shots play a vital role.

Collagen Shots and the cell membrane

The envelope that encapsulates a cell is referred to as the cellular membrane. The cell membrane acts as a structural boundary that helps to regulate cellular activity, allowing the passage of specific materials in and out of the cell. Fats and proteins are the main component of the cell membrane. Non-water soluble fats form a barrier and proteins take on several roles, they are located in the cell wall, within the cell itself and around the cell.

The complete formula of Collagen Shots helps to protect cell health a number of ways. Acai berry is full of essential fatty acids to support the cell membrane and the amino acid proteins from the marine collagen make available the necessary proteins. Cells use the proteins to respond to signals from the body and to keep stable by bonding with adjacent structures. Proteins  are essential for the individual cell but also the health of the whole body, they allow cells to constantly interact and communicate what’s going on inside and outside to its neighbours.

How can Collagen Shots help to protect the very DNA of our cells?

Within cells there is a smaller nuclear membrane, which houses and protects DNA from the rest of all cellular activity.

Our DNA holds the blue print for all the proteins created within our bod,  we all have our own unique DNA pattern.  Maintaining adequate levels of proteins is important for healthy DNA, Collagen Shots also contains copper and zinc both of which help to protect DNA formation.

Proteins support mitochondria health.

The mitochondria are like cells within cells they have their own membranes comprised of fats and proteins. Unlike the cell membrane the mitochondria has 2 different membranes, an inner and outer one, protein constitutes 75% of the inner membrane. These proteins are responsible for generating ATP the energy factory houses of your cells.

Protecting from free radical damage

Cells have their own protective system which include enzymes that target and fight free radicals.

Glutathione is a hunger monster where free radicals are concerned, it can be manufactured naturally from our diet and taken from nutrients such as the amino acid glycine. Glycine is readily available in Collagen Shots to fight free radicals alongside vitamin C and nutrient rich acai.

Healthy cells are vital for well-being and work best when supported by good nutrition and lifestyle. The proteins, omegas, vitamins and minerals in Collagen Shots act to support strong healthy cell membranes and their organelle. We always recommend that you follow a healthy diet with our products but adding Collagen Shots will definitely be an excellent addition.

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