Getting the best from your Collagen Shots

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We cleanse, tone, treat, moisturise our skin throughout the day, we nourish it with food but the real work starts when we stop and switch off for the night. The majority of essential work in the repair of our body actually takes place while we are sleeping.

Sleep may be an interruption of activity in our work and social lives but it is the time for another kind of activity and it’s indispensable in our recovery processes. Our sleep is divided in to several phases, our body is in recovery mode in phase 2 and 3 of our sleep but it actually really goes to work in the first phase, known as the alpha phase. Its in the alpha phase that we have the capacity to regenerate, our system, to seek out amino acids (proteins) and nutrients to convert them into the key building blocks for our body. Collagen Shots is full of the key amino acids that your body searches out to repair muscles, tendons, ligaments and of course the skin.

The body goes through the process of protein synthesis during the alpha phase, this is one of the reasons that you will get maximum benefits if you take Collagen Shots just before bedtime.

Our customers do take Collagen Shots at all times of the day and still get amazing results but for optimum benefits an hour or so before bedtime will make the maximum amount amino acids available to transform into essential elements for our body.

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