How to combat the effects of menopause

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Menopause affects every woman differently, as the transition changes the way our hormones are produced and how they function. Oestrogen and progesterone levels vary, our bodies change the way they use energy, and our fat cells change, inducing many different possible effects.

In this post, Rejuvenated will look at the effects of menopause and how you can combat them. As a nutraceutical and award-winning brand specialising in health and beauty supplements, we know what works for women’s bodies. So keep reading to find out how to tackle menopause and its side effects.

What are the effects of menopause?

As mentioned, the menopausal transition affects everyone differently. However, there are a few symptoms of menopause that you can watch out for or be aware of. These are the most common side effects of menopause:

Hot flashes

A very common side effect of the menopausal transition is hot flashes. These sudden feelings of heat in your body can vary greatly, sometimes lasting only a few seconds and at other times lasting up to ten minutes. They can also vary between very mild and strong enough to wake you up at night, which is called night sweats.

Changes in period

This is likely one of the first signs that you will notice when going through menopause. The length of your period, as well as your flow, can change. After some time, your periods will likely stop altogether.

Trouble with sleep

During this transitional period, women often have trouble with sleep. You may wake up early, struggle to fall asleep, or be woken up by night sweats.

Bladder control issues

A common result of menopause is incontinence. Loss of bladder control can cause you to leak urine or experience a sudden need to use the lavatory.

Mood changes

You may also experience changes in your mood. Increased irritability or mood swings are common during this period.

Vaginal health and sexuality changes

During or after menopause, you may experience increased vaginal dryness or changes in your libido. Changes in your sexuality and vaginal makeup are normal.

Changing body

Lastly, you may experience physical changes in your body. You may put on weight more easily or lose muscle mass. Your skin may also become thinner, or your joints may stiffen. There are a number of changes that might occur in the body, and all of these are natural, though you may want to combat them.


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How can I combat the side effects of menopause?

There is no way to avoid going through hormonal menopause, but there are ways to combat the symptoms associated with this transitional phase. Here are the best ways to deal with the effects of menopause:

Take a female hormone supplement

One of the best ways to combat menopausal symptoms is by taking a hormone supplement that can provide your body with what it needs during this time. Our Female Hormone Support supplement is scientifically blended to reduce hot flashes, decrease irritability, manage vaginal dryness and promote more restful sleep, among other things.

Add more protein to your diet

As the side effects of menopause include changes to your body and muscle loss, adding some more protein to your diet is an excellent way to ensure your body has what it needs. Incorporating more protein in your diet will allow you to maintain muscle mass and will make you feel full for longer, which can help with the potential weight gain associated with menopause.

Reduce your stress levels

This period of a woman’s life can be stressful for a multitude of reasons. From the children going off to college to needing to take of elderly family members, this time has more to deal with than hormones. If possible, try to manage the stressors in your life or take the time to relax regularly.

Look after yourself

This one may sound a bit on the nose, but taking care of yourself is very important during this stage of your life. From drinking enough water to eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly, being mindful of your body and what you put in it is always a good idea but is especially important at this point in your life.