Christmas count down to having fun and staying radiant

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The party season starts so early now and can roll on until mid January for the companies that have their busy period in the run up to Christmas. It isn’t so much the Christmas lunch that’s a problem it’s all the partying, mince pies and alcohol that happen along the way to it.

Here’s our top tips to having fun and beat the bloat, beat the hangovers and beat those extra pounds.

Staying at home is not an option so we thought it might be helpful to share a few tips to help you avoid the bloat and packing on the extra inches before the big day.

1. Plan to buy foods that you really enjoy and are nutritious, think of these as a treat and fill your fridge and cupboards with them. Let the food you eat at home be your nourishment.

2. Keep to your exercise program, if you don’t like to go out in the cold, then invest in a couple of dvd’s or apps so you can carry on working out at home in the warm.

3. Avoid buying huge tins of chocolates and biscuits for guests, once they’re open, they are all too tempting.

4. Don’t starve all day because you have a big dinner coming in the evening, by the time you get to the festivities you will be so hungry and graze your way through a tray of canapés before you start. Eat a light breakfast and lunch including protein and if you know you are going to nibble eat a small piece of chicken or a handful of nuts before setting off.

5. We all know that alcohol is full of empty calories but it also stimulates hunger and a need for carbs. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a soft drink, preferably water to dilute the effects.

6. If you are served with super huge portions, split off what you would normally eat and keep to this amount of food.

7. Note to self, don’t open the sherry too early in the run up to Christmas, it’s far too addictive 🙂

Have the most wonderful time.