Check out Rejuvenated products at London Fashion Week

Collagen, Company

We were over the moon to be backstage at London Fashion Week over the weekend. The talented make-up artist Sandra Cooke and her amazing team gave each of the models a sachet of H30 Hydration drink whilst prepping the skin before make-up.

Back to back shows and make-up tests can play havoc on the skin, leaving it lacklustre and dull. As a result, a targeted skincare routine is crucial and this all starts from within. We look at the skincare essentials every model needs backstage:

• H3O Hydration provides minerals and ions which are essential to skin health. They offer nutritional support for skin cells throughout the day and contains specific nutrients to enhance water absorption. The result?

• Collagen Shots contain a number of youth boosting ingredients to smooth and firm the skin, boost the digestive system and strengthen hair and nails.

• It’s not just about skin our Protein Smoothies contain a blend of ingredients to keep you full on the go thanks to organic pea protein. No model wants to feel faint on the runway!

A huge thank you to the very wonderful Sandra Cooke, make up artist for the Wall Group for sharing our products.