Alkalise your body with Plant Powered Protein Smoothie

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Are you looking to pump up the protein for breakfast? Only got minutes to spare and your morning routine doesn’t allow for a leisurely breakfast. Kick out the dehydrated cereals and add super nourishing pea protein to your smoothie or juice for an amazing way to alkalise your body and jump start your day.

You don’t need to stock up on animal bulk to get your essential amino acid kick, the World Health Organisation recognises that pea protein is as a near perfect protein for well being.

Rejuvenated’s pea Protein Smoothie is the perfect alkalising boost to your body to help with balanced blood sugar and energy levels. With a PH balance of over 7.5 Protein Smoothie will alkalise and give you nine of your essential amino acids making it the perfect pre work out breakfast or food to keep you full on the go.

We’ve added Glucomannan fibre from the konjac plant, it swells gently in the stomach to keep you fuller for longer and is clinically proven to help with weight loss. Supplemented with inulin for prebiotic health, green tea to assist with metabolism and flax for healthy omega fatty acids. It’s the perfect food for when life dictates you are time short.

Why not blend it in the raw with water or try with coconut or almond milk and a handful of berries. It comes in Strawberry, chocolate or Banana & Butterscotch natural flavours — the combinations are endless. Create a different option everyday within a couple of minutes.

Check out our gallery below of gorgeous Protein Smoothie ideas posted by our super customers.

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Chocolate Protein Smoothie with coconut milk, banana and blueberries by @rebelrecipes.