What is the Future of Health and Wellness?

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Some health trends are temporary and burn bright for a few months before phasing out as a fad of the past, while other health trends really make their mark and become part of our lives and routines. Over many years, we’ve seen many health fad come and go and we’ve also seen some trends change the health industry, so we know a thing or two. The past two years have been a struggle for many of us. Since the reality of Covid came into our lives, we have all had more focus on health and wellbeing and we’ll be hoping for a happier, healthier, and brighter 2022. We’ve looked at the emerging health trends and here’s our summary of the ones that we think will take hold.

7 Health Trends for 2022

Emotional health

Emotional health will be at the forefront of conversation. We’ll be looking for ways to support our emotional wellness and our ability to deal with stresses of everyday life.

Here’s what to look for:

If you’ve been reading about wellness over recent months you’ll struggle to miss the health-forward talking about adaptogens and astragalus. Adaptogens are herbs and ingredients that help improve the health of the body’s response to stress; with astragalus being one of the most potent adaptogens, containing over 200 compounds that work to reduce stress and inflammation. Additional benefits to astragalus are found in supporting immunity, heart health, and combat ageing.Discover the in-real-life benefits of astragalus in  H3O Night Repair and Regenerate.

Collagen for health and strengthBeauty from within will continue to grow as a trend with ingestible collagen being high on the shopping list. Customers will seek out high potency collagen drinks of 10,000mg with added ingredients including hyaluronic acid for a hydration boost with vitamin C and potent antioxidants such as açai berry. Collagen contains a multitude of benefits for the skin, digestive system, muscles, joints, even our brain and heart. Experience the benefits of Collagen Shots.

Breathing Better for Immunity

On our quest to seek out natural immunity boosters, breathwork is an extremely helpful tool. Improving oxygenation and the function of our lymphatic system helps to clear the body of toxins and optimises the pH of body fluids to strengthen the immune system triggering a direct and indirect benefit.

Breathing exercises have been proven to help in the reduction of stress levels, improve brain function and support the nervous system generally. Practising breathing exercises daily can help to improve lung function and create a positive change in our body chemistry to reduce anxiety and improve concentration.

A breathing routine to try is:

Step 1 : Sit down with feet firmly planted on the floor

Step 2 : Close your mouth and breath in deeply to the count of 4

Step 3 : Hold your breath to the count of 7

Step 4 : Breath out firmly through an open mouth, to the count of 8

Step 5 : Repeat 4 times


Biohacking isn’t strictly going to be new in 2022, as it has been a buzz-word in the health and wellness world for a while already; but biohacking is the science of becoming more youthful by changing our chemistry and physiology at cellular level to be our fittest and most mentally agile version of ourselves.In doing this, we change our digestion, sleep patterns, concentration and wellbeing to enable our body to be more youthful.But while biohacking isn’t new in 2022, we believe that scientists will continue to work on trials to discover the true benefits of youth boosting plants to push the boundaries of what we consider to be the limit of the human lifetime and this will increase the focus of biohacking over the next few weeks.

Brown Fat will be a top trend for 2022

If you’re a Rejuvenated follower, you’ll know that we’ve talked about brown fat over the last decade and in 2022 it will become a major trend as more people become aware of it.

If it’s a new concept to you, brown fat has different properties to the more superficial subcutaneous fat in our body. When we are born, we have stores of brown fat, but this usually diminishes as we get older. It’s located deeper in our body and scientists have only recently acquired the imaging technology to be able to study it in greater detail.

Brown fat can produce heat to maintain the body temperature in cold conditions and burns more calories than white fat. Studies show that people who have brown fat have significantly lower rates of diabetes and heart disease.

You can increase the amount of brown fat in your body but some of the methods might not be all that attractive. The simplest way to increase brown fat is by lowering the body temperature through cold baths (ice baths ideally) or cold showers. The cold extreme temperatures stimulate the activity of brown fat cells as does intense exercise.

Certain ingredients in supplements can activate brown fat cells.

Regenerate, Re-set, H3O Hydration and Immune Complex all work to improve the activity of brown fat cells.

Taking cold showers

With a nod to brown fat, the popularity of cold showers will become a growing trend in 2022. This needn’t be as scary as you might be thinking. Enjoy your usual shower and turn down the temperature for the last minute. The first few days will be difficult but it’s amazing how quickly your body adapts to it and the health benefits are incredible. It can help to reduce stress levels, improve alertness, and support the immune system.Try it and you won’t look back.

Nordic Walking

We all know walking works wonders for the health of our mind and fitness but Nordic walking will be a phrase you can expect to hear a lot of in 2022.

Nordic walking was originally designed as a summer training routine for cross country skiers. When you walk without poles, you activate muscles below the waist, when you add poles, you activate all the muscles of the upper body too. The switch between normal walking and nordic will almost double the muscles you engage and provide a substantial metabolic workout to boot.

Are you ahead of the curve? Do you already embrace any of these trends? If you are ahead of the curve – Congratulations! We’d love to hear how these trends have put you a step ahead in 2021.