20 things about Rejuvenated


We’re celebrating our 20th year and we wanted to share 20 facts about Rejuvenated with you.

  • Rejuvenated was founded in 2003 by health and wellbeing expert, Kathryn Danzey
  • Kathryn has over 40 years experience within the health and wellbeing industry. She studied nutrition at an early age and then went on to launch  Rejuvenated. Kathryn is a Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a member of the UK Health Coaches Association
  • Kathryn runs the company alongside her husband Rob, son Russ and daughter Lo in Yorkshire
  • Today, Rejuvenated is sold across the world including North America, Australia, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania and many other destinations.
  • We currently have warehouses in the UK, Netherlands and Australia 
  • Ukraine is one of our biggest distributors. The company is still delivering products to the country despite the ongoing invasion.
  • We launched the first ever ‘beauty from within’ supplement in 2010, the multi award-winning collagen powder, Collagen Shots.
  • Collagen Shots was the first high potency hydrolysed collagen drink to launch in the UK market.  Collagen Shots contains a synergistic blend of hydrolysed marine collagen (10,000 mg,) antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid to enhance your skin, hair and nails. The health boosting formula promotes healthy blood sugar levels, strengthens connective tissue and supports joint health. 
  • In 2012, Collagen Shots was included in goody bags at the renowned BAFTA Awards
  • Back in 2014, The Times hailed Collagen Shots as ‘the hottest beauty trend of 2014’
  • To date, over 20 million Collagen Shots have been sold worldwide
  • Rejuvenated’s results-driven range has been formulated to promote inner health and outer beauty. The award-winning supplements can promote a radiant glow whilst also helping a whole host of health conditions including eczema, psoriasis, gut health, hair loss, tiredness, joint health and menopausal symptoms.
  • There are currently nine products within the range: Collagen Shots, H30 Hydration, H30 Night Repair, Skin Perfecting Complex, Regenerate, Re-set, Protein Smoothie, Female Hormone Support and Immune Complex
  • Since our launch in 2003, Rejuvenated has won over 120 awards.  Recent accolades include the Beauty Shortlist Awards, Women’s Health, Get The Gloss and Feefo.
  • Collagen Shots has won 24 awards alone. 
  • We formulated the first ever vegan collagen in 2019 – Skin Perfecting Complex.  The award-winning formula comprises the first ever vegan fusion which mirrors the ratio of amino acids that make up collagen.     
  • The brand has been heavily featured by press across the world including Good Housekeeping, Vogue India, New York Times, Irish Tatler, Women’s Health, Daily Mail, ELLE, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Vogue Scandinavia 
  • For the last four years Rejuvenated has supported the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer 
  • Rejuvenated is stocked in over 200 beauty and aesthetic clinics internationally. The products are also prescribed by nutritional practitioners
  • For our 20th anniversary, we unveiled a new re-brand for their entire range. The new look was designed to align with visual trends, thus giving us more cohesion across the brand, to allow versatility for future product development.

Looking forward to celebrating many more years with you all.