Açai Berry Our Power Packed Super Ingredient

Açai berry our power packed super ingredient

Food supplements can only work if they are created with active ingredients which work synergistically together. Açai berry is one of our favourite ingredients because of its amazing super ingredient properties.  Our product range is completely natural and formulated without compromise. If it should be in. it is in, our commitment is to not use inactive ingredients. There are no artificial sweeteners, binder agents or fillers, only pure ingredients. It often causes problems in blending and combining but we are not happy until we have the very best possible product.

Each one has carefully selected antioxidant-rich ingredients, these health-boosting ingredients have been selected to create synergy and trigger a wide array of health-giving interactions in the body.

In Collagen Shots® and Veggiecol® we chose açai berry for its vitamins A, C & E and omega-rich qualities both of which are key for collagen formation. These amounts are carefully calculated and added to the levels of vitamins in the formula. The berries also have Coenzyme Q10 and amino acids present, key proteins, essential for building body cells.

What are açai berries?

The açai fruit has the highest phytochemical content of any fruit or vegetable, freeze-dried acai is rich in both anthocyanins and phenolics, these are the pigments that give açai berries their dark red colour. A study in 2006 showed that açai berry had a higher ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) than any other plant previously tested.

This deep purple berry grows in the Amazon regions of Brazil. They can be found in clusters growing on tall trees called Euterpe, a tropical palm that can reach 100 feet high.

Açai berries start to perish as soon as they are picked. Incredibly within 24 hours, they lose the majority of their powerful antioxidants and the precious omega 3 oils within them. It was vital that we protect these potent nutrients so each batch is freeze-dried to retain their biochemical integrity and enzymatic activity, this allows plants to retain potency for longer.

This same freeze-drying method is used for our collagen too as heating protein may cause denaturing.

What are the health benefits of açai berry?

1 Antioxidants

There are many listed benefits of açai and most of these benefits are associated with the very high levels of antioxidants that it has. An abundance of the pigmented nutrients anthocyanins gives the berries their deep purple hue. The concentration of antioxidants in açai is believed to be many times higher than those in grapes and other fruits. The açai seems to have the ability to mop up free radicals to prevent oxidization and protect against environmental pollution.

Studies have shown that the antioxidants within acai can even transfer across the cell membrane to continue protecting against oxidation.

2 Aids healthy digestion

Acai is a natural digestive and works to help the kidneys and liver to cleanse more effectively. Its fibrous nature assists with scraping lodged undigested food from the colon and help to speed up food transient time to prevent fermentation in the intestines and prevent bloating.

3 Healthy weight loss and blood sugar levels

Acai is promoted as an aid to weight loss, however, there is no clinical evidence to support this. There are some studies to show that it does, however, help to control blood sugar levels which can mean that you will feel fuller for longer.

4 Wellbeing

The berry has been considered to be an adaptogen as it helps to protect against stress and cortisol levels.

5 Improved cognitive function

Extracts from the berries have shown to contain brain-boosting extracts including anthocyanins, delphinidin, phenolics, and cyanidins. These powerful nutrients help to prevent damage to nerve signals in the brain and may stimulate other mental functions.

6 Heart health and the prevention of diabetes

As an anti-inflammatory food acai contains monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and phytosterols all beneficial in protecting against heart disease.

Regular drinking of acai juice has shown that subjects were less likely to suffer from diabetes.

7 Super skin benefits

Consuming nutrient dense açai can help to protect our skin from environmental ravages. The berries have also been linked to vascular health which means stronger capillaries and better blood supply to the cells. This is a great boost to enable a glowing skin.

When you think that açai berry is just one of our active ingredients you can understand why we feel Collagen Shots is the most active and advanced complete collagen drink available.

Acai Berry

How can I get the benefit of açai berry in my diet?

The easiest way is to take Collagen Shots® or Veggiecol®, however, you can take it as a freeze-dried powder in smoothies, juices, and teas.

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