How to work from home successfully

Working from home has been enforced on many of us over the last few weeks. As a family business we’ve worked from home successfully for many years and here are our tips to make it feel less daunting.

You might be dreaming of sleeping late but even though you now have more flexibility it’s important to treat your role as a professional job. Set the alarm to the regular time, it’s easy to let the morning drift by and have achieved nothing by lunch time.

Don’t stay in your PJ’s

Why bother to get dressed if you’re not going out? If you’re still in your pyjamas and dressing gown, you’ll find it difficult to get motivated. Have a shower and be ready to switch on your computer at the usual time.

You can still be comfortable by choosing clothes that are as relaxing as pyjamas such as leggings and a t-shirt or lightweight top.

Set up a creative workspace.

Ideally, you’ve found an area that you can turn into a desk in a quiet corner of the house.

If not try to be creative, some of the images that have been surfacing on social media are quite an inspiration. One showed an ironing board doubling up as a standing desk. Another post showed a drinks cabinet being used as a desk. Not too many of us have one but then again; the thought of an afternoon tipple might be too tempting.

Have a work plan

Think; what does your normal day consist of? Does your usual routine work for you or could it be improved in some way? You might even find that you’re more productive working from home.

Get your logistics under control

Have you got a multitude of chargers and wires running around the room? Streamline where you can and try a docking station to keep electronics together.

Make the most of tech for communication.

Have a strategy to connect with colleagues and keep to regular team meetings to stay connected and motivated. We are all dealing with social isolation, so these online meetings are a good chance to interact and discuss projects.

We use Zoom or Skype, but Facetime and Facebook can be just as effective.

Know your distractions

If you can’t work until the kitchen is tidy allow time before your day starts so that you can stay focussed throughout the day.

Checking social media is one of the biggest distractions. A quick check on Facebook and scroll through Instagram can soon lose 20 minutes from your day. Deactivate all social media notifications so that you can concentrate on work.

Charlie our black lab is definitely our distraction but a very welcome one. He hasn’t realised that he isn’t a lap dog and loves to sit on your knee for a cuddle.

Stay hydrated

Always have a glass of water at hand. If you’re drinking tea and coffee have a glass of water too and sip throughout the day.

Stretch, exercise and bring nature inside

Put time on one side to stretch and exercise; get outside whenever possible and do what you can to introduce the outdoors into your home. There are numerous studies to demonstrate how plants help to provide better air quality.

Try any of these easy to care houseplants.

  • Rubber
  • Ivy
  • Aloe
  • Bamboo
  • Peace lily
  • Snake plant
  • Fern

Have downtime.

It can be hard to switch off as it’s all too easy to pop back on the computer or your phone to check messages.

Determine a time that you will finish each day and stick to it unless something essential comes in that needs to be dealt with.

And if you’re wondering do we argue? We most certainly do but it doesn’t last for long as our work is intertwined and we really do need each other to bring everything together.

Have these tips helped you with ideas to work effectively from home? Please let us know your top tips too.

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