Travel Pack


Don’t book a trip without taking our essential 7 day travel pack, in an easy to pack collection.


“The brilliantly designed Travel Pack is for you: containing everything you need for seven days of travel (…) – it’s also a great way to sample the leading products from the brand.” – Beauty Geek.


“Don’t let impromptu travel plans scupper your supplement regime. Rejuvenated’s Travel Pack is a capsule seven-day supply of wellbeing boosters for when you’re on-the-go: Collagen Shots, H3O Night Repair capsules and H3O Hydration. Plus, they’re packed in a black, ethically sourced canvas bag.” – Citizen Femme.

Choose an option


Classic Collection

7 days of each

Collagen Shots®   |   H3O Night Repair   |   Skin Hydration


Vegetarian Collection

7 days of each

Veggiecol®   |   H3O Night Repair   |   Skin Hydration


Both packs come in a beautiful black ethically sourced canvas bag.