Summer Skin Duo

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If your skin is tired and irritated this summer then this duo will work wonders.

H3O Night Repair and Skin Perfecting Complex are in our top 3 sellers.
They work incredibly well individually but combine to create a powerful calming action.

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Skin Perfecting Complex

Vegan formula to support collagen and promote flawless skin.


“Skin Perfecting Complex not only gives skin a collagen boost, but can calm various skin conditions as well as protect skin from pollution.” – Glynis Barber.


“I started using Skin Perfecting Complex when my skin was inflamed due to stress. I had breakouts of eczema and blotchy patches on my neck and face. It quickly cleared up and felt much more clam. Plus no pesky hormonal breakouts either.” – Sandra Cooke, Celebrity make up artist.

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H3O Night Repair

Beautiful skin from within.

Wake refreshed and renewed.


“Hydration and free-radical fighting as you snooze. If beauty sleep came in a packet it would look a lot like this." – Get The Gloss.


"H30 Night Repair is a powerhouse of hyaluronic acid and vitamins" - A Luxe List.

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About Summer Skin Duo

Ideal for those who suffer from:
• Dry itchy skin
• Eczema and sore patches
• Over heated skin
• Irritations and blemishes
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Fine Detail

Skin Perfecting Complex
Weight:35g (1.23oz)
H3O Night Repair
Weight:50g (1.76oz)