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For those who want to stay at the top of their fitness game or get off to a flying start.

“It’s like your personal trainer in the post! What’s best? It all actually tastes good and the results are evident.” – The Idle Man

Protein Smoothie

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This delicious award-winning vegan formula helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, support muscle recovery, hormone production and digestive health. Protein Smoothie stars pea protein which is jam packed with branch chain amino acids and compounds to help boost energy levels.

"This smooth, fruity vegan protein with added functional ingredients caught my attention. It’s versatile enough to be drunk on its own or added to a meal. The higher protein value compared with other vegan proteins made this one a winner." - Best Vegan Protein, Women's Health magazine

“The award-winning formula contains pea protein which is jam packed with branch chain amino acids and compounds to help delay fatigue.” Closer Magazine

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Rejuvenated Shaker

Stay hydrated or shake your Protein on the Go.

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Whether it’s fitness, general health or streamlining that you’re after, this is the perfect pack to get you started.

All three of our delicious Protein Smoothies contain organic pea protein, MCT’s, inulin for digestion, glucomannan fibre and green tea.

These come with the amazing Re-set supplement; the revolutionary formula contains a blend of ingredients to stabilise blood sugar levels, support healthy fat loss and boost energy, delivering top-to-toe well-being.

You can also download our free e-book by logging in to your account. The e-book includes a yummy, tasty 4 week meal plan plus step by step guidelines.


What’s included:

2 x Protein Smoothie   |  28 Servings

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Re-set  |  60 Capsules

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Protein Smoothie


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