Contain Beta-Glucan a cholesterol-lowering fibre energy boost. Oats are low glycaemic index, and higher in fibre which means slower absorption, this together with beta-glucans help to regulate blood sugar levels. Oats are digested slowly helping to reduce blood sugar spikes and keep you energised for longer.

Beta-glucan in oats can delay the emptying of the stomach thus leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

High antioxidant levels including vitamin C help prevent LDL oxidation, which can contribute to heart disease

Vitamin E, important for heart health.

Rich in insoluble fibre that is great for gut health and helps relieve and reduce the risk of constipation.

Oats help keep the bowels healthy and have been shown to help protect against colorectal & bowel cancer.

Oats can help reduce blood pressure and thus heart disease risk.

Beta-glucan can enhance immunity. Immune cells feature receptors that absorb beta-glucan and increases the activity of the white blood cells, protecting against disease.

Rich in selenium and zinc that help to fight infections.

Beta-glucans support macrophages, neutrophils, and natural killer cells increasing their ability to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Oats are rich in silicon, a mineral important for bone formation and maintenance, especially in postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Oats are rich in vitamin B6, which can help reduce stress. Further B vitamins in oats (thiamine, niacin, & folate) help metabolise energy.

The carbohydrate content in oats releases serotonin, which is the ‘feel good’ hormone further reducing stress and inducing calmness.

Zinc helps reduce inflammation and can help reduce the signs of acne by killing the bacteria causing it.

Proteins in oats help to maintain the skin’s natural barrier and protect against air pollutants, chemicals and UV’s.

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