Fish n Chips Rejuvenated style

Who doesn’t love fish and chips and this healthy option is the perfect treat as it gives all the flavour while being packed with nourishing nutrients at the same time. Enjoy this delicious treat without feeling any guilt.

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Tofu tomato quiche

We absolutely adore this tofu and tomato quiche, it’s definitely one of our favourite summer treats. Tomatoes are so full of flavour in the summer months and this quiche is a wonderful combination.

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Beautycake Bakewell Tart

These Bakewell tarts are just so pretty, they are a delightful at any time of the day. We can’t make up our mind if they should be a breakfast, afternoon treat or evening pudding. What do you think?

What ever time of day you choose to eat them we can guarantee that you will be wanting to make more.

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Cauliflower pizza

If you fancy a pizza but don’t want a classic dough base then this cauliflower pizza is the perfect option. Even our meat loving boys enjoy this veggie rich option.

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Strawberry chia pudding

What a delicious treat. Samantha Hadadi has created these gorgeous chia puddings and we can’t wait to try them. They take no preparation time at all, just a little patience whilst waiting for them to set.

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Three-ingredient Vegan Chocolate truffles

You know that we don’t need an excuse to whip up a scrumptious chocolate recipe and with Easter around the corner we just had to share the latest creation from the very lovely Samantha Hadadi.

These three-ingredient chocolate truffles are simply divine. As there are only 3 ingredients you can add your favourite flavours and even a scoop of our Chocolate Protein Smoothie. They’re ready in no time but be warned if you are preparing them in advance they are totally delicious and will disappear very quickly.

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