Beautycake® Granola

Hands up if you like a tasty breakfast! We thought so and who can resist this gorgeous granola made with our delicious Beautycake®. Be warned it’s so yummy that you might have to lock it in your cupboards or you may arrive home to find it’s been devoured by your housemate.

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Prawn and Cashew Stirfry

Prawn & Cashew stir fry

Happy Chinese New Year to you. Are you wondering what to eat for dinner? If you don’t have much time then this is the perfect Chinese New Year treat to rustle up in no time.
With delicious fresh vegetables, just add prawns, ginger and garlic. If you’re in a rush then you can just use a bag of stir fry to have it ready in minutes.

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Chocolate Hazelnut & Almond Tarts

These Chocolate Hazelnut almond tarts are totally indulgent but made with healthy ingredients so they are the perfect treat for any time of the day. Enjoy as they are or serve with berries or coconut yogurt.

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Strawberry Collagen Tart

Strawberry season is here and although we can buy strawberries all year round, there is nothing like homegrown freshly picked berries. This strawberry tart is just so deliciously gorgeous and the perfect way to serve a treat.

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Sea bass & rice noodles

A speedy mid week dinner or leisurely weekend lunch, these sea bass fillets with rice noodles are a perfect treat. Sea bass is packed with protein and will keep you full for hours. Spring onions and peppers add minerals and vitamins to give a fresh Thai taste.

Ready in just 30 minutes from start to finish.

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Roast pumpkin salad with wilted kale and spinach

If you thought salads were just for summer then we might change your mind with this tasty winter warming roast pumpkin salad. It’s nourishing and so filling to make the perfect lunch or dinner.

It’s been created by the amazing foodie blogger Samantha Hadadi and we’d love to hear your thoughts if you give it a try.

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