Hydration Trio

About Hydration Trio

May is Walk a Mile a Day Month and we’ve created the perfect set to keep you hydrated on your way.

  • H3O Hydration 24 sachet box
  • The Rejuvenated Shaker
  • A free Limited Edition Pink Tote Bag

Get your trainers at the ready.

Hydration Trio

Hydration Trio

Save with our Hydration set trio ….

and we’ll donate £5 of each purchase to The Pink Ribbon Foundation


H3O Hydration

This energy-boosting cocktail optimises cellular metabolism for glowing skin whilst supporting a healthy fluid balance to improve cognitive function and energy levels. Available in pouches (30 servings) or individual sachets (24 servings.)

This hydration supplement from Rejuvenated contains a cocktail of nutrients as well as hyaluronic acid to help your body retain more water, while magnesium works to combat fatigue and promote a perky complexion.”- Evening Standard

Rejuvenated’s H3O Hydration uses an ionic bond with water to transfer water through the stomach wall more quickly to promote a healthy fluid balance within the cells. It also provides all the key minerals for skin and ions necessary to create super-healthy and hydrated cells.” - Byrdie


Rejuvenated Shaker

Stay hydrated or shake your Protein on the Go.

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Tote Bag

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