Hydration Duo Pack


Take Hydration levels to a new dimension with 24 hour hydration.

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Products Included

H3O Hydration®

Hydration drink for skin for a long-lasting glowing radiance.

Available in Pouches (30 servings) or Individual Sachets (24 servings).

H3O Night Repair

Beautiful skin from within

Wake refreshed and renewed

About Hydration Duo Pack

The secret to true hydration with H3O Hydration by day and the award-winning H3O Night Repair by night.

H3O Hydration is a drink to provide minerals and ions key in hydration for skin and health. We’ve added hyaluronic acid, called ‘the fountain of youth’ and super potent resveratrol, from grapes, it is linked to many incredible health benefits. It’s rich in Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin  C.

H3O Night Repair has an incredible combination of ingredients including potent herbs and antioxidants with super hydration while you sleep, so you wake refreshed and renewed. Super antioxidants pine bark, grape seed, astragalus, and Astaxanthin the wonder superfood from the sea combine for powerful results. Blended with vitamins and minerals to improve absorption.

Fine Detail

H3O Night Repair
Weight: 50g (1.76oz)