7 Reasons You Should Take A Resveratrol Supplement

Is grape seed extract the most powerful anti-inflammatory

What is grape seed extract?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the supplement grape seed extract (GSE) comes from the grape seed, and is made by removing the seeds from red grapes. After being collected, these seeds are then left to be dried out before they are pulverised to form GSE.

Where is it sourced?

Grape seed extract typically comes from the sun drenched Mediterranean.

What are the benefits?

Thanks to its rich content of antioxidants, grape seed extract can work all kinds of wonders, for both our body and our skin. In fact, it’s one of our favourite superfood ingredients!

Grape seed extract may help to reduce blood pressure

Studies have shown that GSE can help to reduce high blood pressure and even improve blood flow, reducing the risk of blood clotting and circulation problems as it works its magic. A study showed that taking 100 mg of GSE per day for 8-16 weeks was beneficial. H3O Night Repair contains 100mg in each capsule.

May help blood flow and oedema

Research has identified that taking a grape seed extract supplement may help to improve blood flow in post menopausal women.
A further trial indicated that taking proanthocyanidins from grape seed extract helps to reduce leg swelling after long periods of sitting.

Brain protection

Meanwhile, it may also protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases thanks to its impressive anti-inflammatory properties. 

Grape seed extract and skin benefits

However, the benefits don’t just stop there. Grape seed extract is fast become one of the most popular remedies to prevent ageing – and for good reason! It contains unique compounds known as “proanthocyanidins”, which have strong antioxidant powers, while GSE is also renowned for being rich in skin-loving vitamins C, E and Beta-carotene. Thanks to those natural antioxidants, it can also help to plump up and freshen the skin, helping to restore elasticity and easing wrinkles. What’s more, it is also thought that grape seed extract can protect our skin from sun damage – again, thanks to those antioxidants.

How to get more grape seed extract in your diet:

The only way to get concentrated forms of grape seed extract is through a dietary supplement – you’d have to eat a LOT of grapes to benefit! Our award-winning H30 Night Repair capsules harnesses grape seed extract, along with other skin superfoods, to help you to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. These capsules contain a unique blend of herbs and antioxidants to help boost your skin’s natural glow, promote restful sleep, protect from oxidative stress and improve circulation.

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